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Norman Lear’s Hauser street number

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According to Buddha

When one becomes momentarily identified with a tragic picture, s/he feels miserable; but when s/he realizes that it is only a part of an entertaining variety show, s/he feels happy. 

hb images - Sternschanze - 1_

hb images - Sternschanze - 13

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hb images - Sternschanze - 9

won’t you come home i surrender
i miss my sweet bag of bones
drunk and tender
why don’t you want to stay here suspended
in the dead arms of a year that has ended


Sternschanze quarter in Hamburg,  Germany ~ August 2018

  1. Spot on as always, Hedy. Thank you🌻🦋

  2. great tones!

    • it was the orange and reds in the fashions that worked in my hedy head…maybe I will do purple and yellows next 😳🤪😉 hugs Inge ❤️

  3. Just great captures as always, have a great week.

    • I’m so jet lagged and recovering from my face plant 😌🙃 I’m tired but good! it was such an adventure of visual overload…and now snow…it’s all so much 🤪 a weekend of some rest and more snow…I’ll be good to go again💪😊 have a happy weekend with your loved ones Terry 💫

  4. Great colours, and love the All In The Family reference!

  5. Specially when the sensitivity kicks in 🙂

    • yes Luc…and I’ve been told by my yoga teacher I’m highly sensitive…so I work on witnessing and staying back from things I can’t change…even though I often wish I could…smiles for a delightful weekend ~ ☺️💫✌️ hedy

  6. Love this series Hedy. Orange is the colour! I’m always taken with your cropping choices – things I would never think of but they are always so effective.

    • it seems it is also a fashion colour of choice this fall 🤓 I did play with cropping…I always try the ‘original’…’as shot’…and 1 x 1…it does change the feeling to me…thank you for your comments Alison I appreciate them…smiles from ❄️🙃 etown 😳

      • smiles back from rainy Wet Coast 🙂

        • I remind myself about the words from John Ruskin ~

          ~ Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. ~

          and having the right clothes and a dog makes me go outside even when I might not feel like it…like now 🤪 have a fun snappy day Alison…cool works!

  7. i so like the intensity of the graffiti

    • indeed Gavin a visual explosion so so much to see…we do not have places like this here in etown…today we have snow instead 😳❄️have a happy weekend!

  8. The place to be….if you have nothing to do except drinking coffee and beer and people looking…Kind regards from Jürgen, Hamburg

    • well I did wander and see a lot…a sort of sensory overload in this place…had a wonderful coffee and delicious soup…and yes many people walking with beer in hand…always fascinating as an outsider Jürgen…and then I relaxed in the Planten un Blomen…which is sublime and beautiful…many jet lagged smiles ~ hedy ☺️💫✌️

  9. Hope you enjoyed your Hamburg visit but it seems so…fine…i lived in the …Schanze…a long time ago and it was a cheap area with cheap rooms for students and real little shops…no coffee bars …but you got want you want for daily life…today (no student more 🙁 ) i live near the Stadtpark and we call the Schanze the….latte strip….because of all those milk coffee drinking people…may because we are old and have to work and they are young and look in the blue sky 🙂
    Hope your jetlag will end soon , warm wishes from Jürgen, Hamburg

    • I’m grateful to travel and see and learn a little along the way Jürgen…warm wishes back…it’s nice to make my own coffee and slow cook at home too ☺️

  10. I understand 😊 Have a great weekend 😊 🙏

  11. Thank you for the information Hedy 😊 Have a great Sunday 😍 🙏 🌟 ✌️

  12. I can image you walking through this area of Hamburg, Hedy. It is always amazing how you turn these scenes into beautiful, inspiring images. Adding your color tones is just as the topping on ice cream. Very delicious. Wish you a happy and creative day, Hedy. Reinhold

  13. A (Berlin) study in scarlet? 🙂

  14. Ah Hedy .. wonderful photos, great edits 😃👏

  15. Well Hedy, this isn’t exactly the typical tourist’s take on Hamburg, is it? 😉 Very well done, an interesting take on the street life.

    • It was difficult to not feel like a tourist…I tired to blend into the fabric of the neighbourhood we stayed in…I also prefer to feel more like an adventurer but that wasn’t happening either so I just went with what I saw…nobody talked to me when I was out shooting on the streets…I was an interesting experience as a human 🧐🤓😳 thanks Lynn finally emerging 🤪

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