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According to Buddha

Gratitude is a way of returning energy for energy received. One who accepts a kindness without returning gratitude, as though the kindness were her by right, demeans both the giver and herself.

hb images - Tpark snow - 8

hb images - Tpark snow - 1

hb images - Tpark snow - 2

september girls
do so much
and for so long
’til we touched


yesterday in the woods ~ Edmonton Alberta ~ September 2018

  1. Have a nice day Hedy!!!

  2. Ah, nature’s splendor. Cheers

    • yes Chris I just need time to wander and decompress from my adventures of seeing so many people and overloaded urban spaces…arrived back to snow 😳 and soon enough I know I’ll be craving the urban again…so for now the spaces here in etown will balance me out…smiles ☺️💫 have a happy Sunday!

  3. Such rich, deep colors. Beautiful, Hedy!

  4. Such rich nature moments, Hedy. Wonderful.

  5. Lovely images… Gratitude should be expressed for kindness received, but the giver should never expect it. There is a failsafe way for the giver to compensate for kindness given without receiving gratitude in exchange. Not being aware of this “force” at work in us may be our greatest failure as intelligent, sentient and self aware beings.

    • it was a quiet moment and yes I enjoy these kinds of places too 🤓and yes no having expectations is often best…and having no expectations is also an expectation…whether tangible or intangible…so I witness my responses and recognize things others have done for/to me which may or may not led to joy/disappointment…I choose my response…to engage/withdraw my mind and stabilize the experience to peace and equanimity…I agree Sha’Tara being and staying awake “of this “force””…matters…and as many Buddha’s say ‘kindness is always possible’…and for me emotions can be the messengers 🤓✌️ compose a joyful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️

      • I like your comment. I also forgot to add that I find your positioning and focus of the purple asters hypnotic. Wonderful photography. When I lived in the Peace River country the first snows usually happened around my birthday in early October; anything earlier would have been disastrous for any remaining crops. Climate it seems is changing randomly and unpredictably these days.

        • Humble thank you Sha’Tara…Peace River country is beautiful…and yes it seems our climate doesn’t seem to bode well…I wonder what lies ahead this year…

  6. Is that ice under the purple flowers? Its almost 90 degrees here!

  7. beautiful.

  8. Hence the Asian reluctance in accepting gifts; it creates an obligation from the receiver towards the giver. Gifts of nature are of course more difficult to evade and the second harvest is looming. Mabon is a good opportunity to commemorate and celebrate nature’s abundance.

  9. Your photography, words and with the coming of autumn ~ I’m now perfectly prepared for this transition into a new season 🙂 “Gratitude is a way of returning energy for energy received.” A great thought to begin the week with ~ cheers to you, Hedy.

  10. When snow and autumn unite… that is an awesome time of the year. The 3 bigger blossoms remind me of the three musketeers. Enjoy the peaceful and quiet moments in your neighborhood. Refill the energy and creativity tanks. Happy days and smiles, Hedy. Reinhold

  11. Excellent, hedy.

  12. Yes, gratitude is a duty. I think it was called “manners”. In another century maybe?
    Loved the flowers. Struggling against the first snow.

  13. wonderful autumn moods, Hedy. This stunning light emphasize the beauty of that plants. Autumn smiles over the pond. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. This is a tenderly, carefully seen trio, Hedy. That last photo, coming after the others…it’s brilliant. Just excellent.

  15. Beautiful nature so good for the soul, have a great day Hedy 😊 🙏 🌟

  16. Hey dear Hedy … must be nice being home. Love that last shot, makes me want to reach in and touch those flowers. Kindness and gratitude go hand in hand don’t they 🙂

    • the woods is always a good place for me to be…yes decompressed now…and onto fall like things…it’s so fresh here I’m already feeling like nesting 😳 enjoy your garden Julie 🌸🌿☀️ smiles

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