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According to Buddha

Be not fooled, for moral values and hearts may fall short under tyrants. More significant still, the seat of human value is not the brain, but the sensible or supersensible heart.

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if you are the dealer, i’m out of the game
if you are the healer, it means i’m broken and lame
if thine is the glory then mine must be the shame
you want it darker
we kill the flame

magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name
vilified, crucified, in the human frame
a million candles burning for the help that never came
you want it darker


Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg, Germany ~ September 2018

  1. A little Leonard is always welcome to better explain it all.

  2. A sobering place. I hope you had a good week, Hedy. Have a great day. Cheers 😊

  3. Oh Irony of all to accompany some pictures of a concentration camp with a quote of Yogananda. Another quote of his was; “A master brain like that of Mussolini does more good than millions of social organizations of group intelligence. – Yogananda. “Interview, East-West, February 1934, p. 3”.

    • yes Urban…it was a tough one for me as a sloppy buddhist…verbal irony, dramatic irony, and situational irony…🤓✌️💫

      • Apparently he did catch up when he later on realized to what excesses National-socialism was leading.

        • I wonder what he would say today…..

          • That a guru would sympathize with a totalitarian dictator should really not be so surprising: There is, after all, very little actual difference between the two positions. (Interestingly, Pope Pius XI, too, “spoke of Mussolini as ‘a man sent by Providence’” [Cornwell, 1999].) That is so, even down to both sets of societies beginning, in the most generous reading, with the best of intentions for all, prior to their leaders becoming utterly corrupted in their exercise of power. However, for a “world guru” who claimed to be able to read minds and foretell the course of grand world events, he failed utterly when it came to perceiving the evil motives of the most infamous and destructive psychopath known to mankind. Followers of Yogananda are told that he tried to meet Hitler while he was in Germany in 1935 in order to dissuade the dictator from continuing his pursuit of ever widening conquests.

          • sounds like it still the same today Urban ‘utterly corrupted in their exercise of power’…we live in uncertain times…✌️

  4. that song…

  5. When viewing your posts, I start with the Buddhist quote, take in the photos, then see if I can identify the song lyrics without peeking. No difficulty this morning as i listened to ‘You Want It Darker’ through twice yesterday while constructing a hearty pasta casserole in response to this wintry weather. Leonard’s on my mind a lot these days. Thank you, Hedy.

    • that’s lovely for me to know Laurie 🤓💫 I am sloppy so perhaps, not all my quotes are ‘correct’ but those Buddha’s do have a lot to say…and yes these fresh fall days do lend themselves to cooking…and well Leonard always makes things better to me 😊 thank you for you kind comments Laurie enjoy your cooking, painting and poetry…it’s a cozy day again 💫

  6. Wonderful captures. I have been to 2 different camps like this and both had a heavy, sad air to them. Just passing the gates was sobering.
    Another location was at Oradour-sur-Glane, France where the Nazi’s destroyed a whole town and all it’s inhabitants. The town has been left as it was, destroyed as it was supposably a hide out of the Resistance or a message to other towns that you should not align yourselves with the Allies as this happened just days after D-Day. A sign at the entry states “Souviens Toi – Never Forget”, I never will.

    • this camp was for political prisoners Terry…and yes haunting…heavy…lingering in my hedy head…and yes “Souviens Toi – Never Forget”, I never will. 🤓✌️💫

  7. Such a difficult history…you decided to look closer….I don’t know what else to say except that we can never forget, and that’s the value of people like you looking closely and sharing that.

    • it was also fascinating Lynn…to touch and feel the wall and earth…not what I expected although I’m not sure what I expected…the weather was lovely…we thought about time/space and the life/death experiences…the lived experiences of what humans will do and have done to each other…and what it means to hate the haters…my sensory experience was haunting…and I remember my father’s warnings of freedom being taken away just like that…and how quickly that can happen…

      • All important to think about. I’m glad your musings stretched all the way from what was right in front of you – what you directly perceived – and the larger questions. I can imagine many people go and need to shut down more than that but sounds like you stayed with it.

  8. It is difficult to see these images, but foolish to risk forgetting.

    • Please know I don’t want to use this post as a means to teach anyone about Sachsenhausen concentration camp because I don’t claim to be an expert…I’m an outsider and these images are a part of my walk through of this vast museum…it was a beautiful day…I was amazed at the size of the camp…there was no birds that I could see or hear…it was haunting and lingering feelings of life/death and yes we would be foolish to forget Gregory…it was not long ago…

  9. deep, dark
    give insight 🙂

    • they do David.
      my Dutch parents never talked about the war…
      they only talked about Canadians that saved them…
      they had dark memories…
      I learned more finding old photographs when my father was dying…they were hidden in his garage…
      this place also gave me more insights….🤓✌️

  10. have always wanted to visit and pay my respect.
    the pic of the toilet is amazing.

    • Apparently Neo Nazis attempted to burn the museum down not so long ago 🤓😰…it was haunting being there and as I written lingering feelings for me…I took many images…and it was lovely to see other people visiting the museum…people will not forget…I won’t…

      • Neo Nazis. Yikes !

        • they are in Germany…I imagine everywhere…but I don’t know…

          • they are here too )-:

          • yup…here in Alberta too 😌 I feel more each day it is creeping in…I’ve never understood how you can hate someone you don’t know…but I do work on not hating the haters…it’s a strange world these days to me Gavin…now I will sleep…best meditation for me ☺️💫✌️ sending you joy!

          • Yes. I’ve been very aware of not falling into the trap of hating the haters.

          • or that I’m so ‘kind’ all the time…I do have some moments when I have my hedy blurts…🤓😉😳😊 even had some lunch with one 😊…listening is hard work…BIG smiles and all good things your way Gavin…have creative and fun day…🌞

  11. So you have visited the “banality of evil” as Arendt put it.
    That must take its toll on the soul.

  12. As an aside, I could not really “take” Berlin when I went a few years back. Almost every street name was a reminder of atrocities once committed. I couldn’t live in Berlin.

    • hmmmmm I didn’t notice that but I did notice how long the words are…terrible for me…I’m very visual and I tend to wander and see landmarks…and no I’m not sure I would live there but who knows…I imagine spaces with different energy ✌️❤️

  13. Oh and thank you for your thoughtful posts. You are quite unique in your perspective…
    And I look forward to reading your weekly digest every time.
    Tot ziens…

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