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According to Buddha

Do not selfishly seek anything from others; if you have no expectations, then what can people take from you? 

hb images - Flohmarkt - 1

hb images - Flohmarkt - 12

hb images - Flohmarkt - 4

hb images - Flohmarkt - 10

hb images - Flohmarkt - 3

hb images - Flohmarkt - 11

the man is tall, mad, mean, and good-lookin’
and he’s got me his eye
when he looks at me, i go weak at the knees


a walk around Flohmarkt am, Boxhagener Platz, Berlin ~ September 2018

  1. a comfortable way of saying ‘expect nothing’ coupled with the perfect photos
    this is a beautiful day, enjoy it Hedy

    • ☺️🤓 well nothing is perfect…it felt a fun series in light of space the quote also fit in my hedy head way…I also try to have no expectations…which is also an expectation…this market met my expectations I got some ‘fur’ to do some up cycling work I al also plotting out 🤓✌️ sending you joy Eddie have a lovely day! ☺️💫😊

  2. you capture some interesting looking people. 🙂
    do you ask to take a photo or do you click away?

    • no I didn’t ask here…I was shooting from the hip…as I was told about German rules of photographing…but I’m Canadian and a sloppy buddhist so I did it my hedy way 🤓😉 I also saw people take photos of me…it’s a public space and yes the characters were wonderful…and I wanted them to ‘look’ natural’…I think they see me too 🤓✌️ have a snappy day Buddy ~ smiles hedy

      • Thanks. 🙂

        • I will say I ‘shot from the heart’…just to stand corrected…but I also do appreciate the documentary ‘Finding Vivian Maier’….I also attached a link to Ray’s comment…in case you are interested 🤓☺️ smiles hedy

      • I just read the German law — in German, but thankfully Google translate did the job. Will the right of privacy is a big deal as it is in many places, as your intent is not to sell the picture or publish it anyplace but here, you are free to photograph people. Obviously, common courtesy applies… of somebody waves you off, don’t take their picture. I have other thoughts about shooting from the hip, but I won’t go there. 🙂

        • well my German photo friend told me differently and then I read as long as the human is part of scene then ok…but I do know there were Germans who had no hesitation in saying no or giving that ‘look’…of course most ppl see me and know I’m photographing my black box is small and I don’t have a zoom…I’d say I shoot from the heart…and yes saying ” but I won’t go there”…is going there, in my hedy head anyways…I do stay discrete…I no I don’t really like the viewfinder…the one eye…I need both and it’s a feeling thing of knowing where to place my camera…anyways now I going there…🤪 I also like this piece please know I appreciate your insights and knowledge Ray 🤓 I think you know that ☺️💫✌️….

          • Vivian Maier. She’s using a Rollieflex. The only way to use the viewfinder was to shoot from the waist or hip. That square box on top is part of the viewfinder

          • Yes yes that would be a fun camera I think…I’d like a flip screen…rotating one…🤓

          • It was a pia. If you misloaded the film, you didn’t know it. You either took pictures of nothing. Or, all 12 pictures (that’s all you got to a roll) were exposed on one frame. If everything worked, you had nice medium format film, if it was exposed properly. Oh, did I mention that you need to use a hand held light meter and set the f stop and shutter speed manually?

            A lot of newer digital cameras have rotating screens.

          • You are a ‘real’ photographer Ray…I’ve done some film narrative work so I’m an image maker…but of course I remember the film and taking candida ☺️ such different tools now 🤓 I’m grateful for small and light 💪

          • I’m not sure I understand the difference between film narrative work and photography, but the difference between image maker and photography is a clarity of vision and the tools that you use to get there, which might mean not even using traditional photo tools. For an example of what I mean, please Google Keith Carter. You can read about him or look at his images. He works with a 4×5 camera so that he starts with a huge negative and then builds from that.

            Yes. Of course small is better. Had we have had smaller cameras during my prime years I probably wouldn’t have titanium him and such bad arthritis. Of course, I could have bitten the bullet, spent the money and just bought a couple of Leica rangefinders and three or four very small lenses. OTH, digital capture makes it easy for people to overshoot without intent and hope that they took a good picture.

          • I have a friend in Porto she has a Leica I like it very much and it is very small 🤓

          • Get read for big prices. Bodies are around $8 k, lenses are around $3-4K. But, Leica lenses are like nothing else.

          • a very expensive necklace 😳😉☺️

          • For some. Camera and lenses last for a lifetime. The lenses are the best 35mm lenses available. In the old slide film days you color tell the difference between Leica produced images and everybody else.

          • Sorry. I hit the wrong button. I used to be the publishing director of The Image Bank, owned by Eastman Kodak, and the forerunner of Getty Images. My team and I had to understand the privacy laws of every country. We worked from law books, not from local rumors, which like witnesses are rarely correct.

          • 🧐 ahhhhhhh yes indeed then Ray…rumours and witnesses are layered in personal experiences these days…best to work with law books…from what I learned Ali g the way was Germans like rules…I have many smiling and peace images of humans too ☺️✌️

          • All I know is what police investigators say. Witnesses aren’t worth that much.

          • Yes documents make things better for sure ☺️🤓

          • They give some measure of data. Once upon a time i didn’t like that word. Now, it gives me clarity.

          • it is a quantitative term…I always liked notes 🤓 but I know what you mean Ray ☺️

          • Yeah. Notes…🎼🎼🎼

          • it’s an notes weekend here and soon some wine ✌️💫 sending more notes….have fun Ray!

          • This note’s for you… That old Canadian grump otherwise Neil Young wrote that. 🎶🎶🎶🎹🎹🎹🎫🎫🎫

  3. Wonderful captures, these markets are always a joy to visit.

  4. I like the quote, made a note of it. Really from Buddha, or did you make it up?

    • Sha’Tara I think it’s a combination of 2/3 ideas into one sloppy quote…I try to keep track of where I gather them from books or the web…but I think I missed this one…I ought to keep better track but I’ve been lingering in Paramahansa Yogananda words and as of late some of Ram Dass’s works…so I don’t know for sure…many smiles and sending joy ~ hedy ☺️💫✌️

  5. I love the way you’ve framed these Hedy, and rendered them in black and white – so atmospheric, haunting even. At first I thought some were street people. You’ve captured a whole different vibe of a local market.

    • just shoppers at the Sunday market…thanks for saying Alison the b/w worked as there was too many colours and distractions so this sort of blends that part…have a happy weekend ~ smile hedy ☺️💫✌️

  6. i like the fourth one.

  7. These are gorgeous and oddly cool. Thank you!

  8. Almost anachronistic and yet timeless.

    • well it was the weekly flea market in the square…and yes I felt in a warp…of new and old…thanks for your comments Taffy ☺️💫✌️ appreciated ~ smiles hedy 😊

  9. A great series of a set of diverse characters, but all falling back into your opening quote “if you have no expectations, then what can people take from you?” A group of great people ~ wonderful work, Hedy.

    • thank you kindly Randall appreciated and indeed some very “kuhl” 😎beings for sure…all in different suits 🤓 hope life is treating you well ~ smiles hedy 😊

  10. Wonderful shots, that, together, form a story.

  11. Powerful stuff, Hedy!

  12. Such great people shots Hedy … 🙂

  13. ..oh, yes.. …flea markets.. …there where you meet the most diverse people. 🙂 🙂

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