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According to Buddha

i am water reflecting
what is real, what is true
and i feel there is space
deep inside of me
i am free, i am free

hb images - windmill - 1_

hb images - windmill - 7_

hb images - windmill - 6_

hb images - windmill - 3_

hb images - windmill - 12

hb images - windmill - 10

i recall my father
the one who i came after

now home again my friend again

remembering your inner king
the king we have within again
oh this is how it is
and this is how it’s always been now
whether we forget
or whether we keep remembering


De Otter, Amsterdam ~ September 2018

  1. Great pics Hedy, have a nice Sunday!!!

  2. “A good Dharma talk is a talk that can water the good seeds in us and help them to sprout and bring up the energy of joy, happiness, understanding and love,” (Thich Nhat Hanh, while leading a “Day of Mindfulness” at the Blue Cliff Monastery in Pine Bush, New York, 2013). These wind mills are so archetypal for The Netherlands and could be found allover the country as part of its drainage system (half of the Netherlands lays under the seawater level).

  3. Beautiful reflections.

  4. Beautiful images from your travels, Hedy. Happy Sunday. Cheers

    • yes I was a full month…so yes I have others to share…but of course I photograph here too,,,each day I try to create some…I can’t believe it’s Tuesday night already…and yes have a fun filled week Chris ~ sending you joy ☺️💫✌️

  5. Oh how I wish I would have found this location in Amsterdam when I visited. Wonderful captures.

  6. Lovely.

  7. Great photography.

    • Sha’Tara thank you kindly for saying…I practice nearly every day…I love it very much…my little black box brings me much joy ☺️💫✌️ smiles hedy 😊

  8. The third from the bottom – such a lovely surprise after seeing the reflection in the puddle. Another great series Hedy.

  9. Loving the reflections.

  10. I like the mood in these images… …the peace and grandeur… …wonderful. Smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. More great images! I love the “Buddha” quote too, wherever that came from. 😉 My favorite thing about this series is the way the repeating windmill blades shift through the progression of photographs. Wonderful, Hedy. That looks like it was an inspiring place to walk around with camera in hand, and at the eye.

    • Thich Nhat Hanh 🤓 I’ve appreciated his words for many years…I received “Peace Is Every Step: Meditation in Action” from my yoga teacher in 1995…so decades 😂 this was the day before my ‘fall’ 😉😝

      • Not sure what you’re referring to by the ‘fall’ but I hope it wasn’t too precipitous. Thich Nhat Hanh is quite a teacher, thanks for telling me the words came from him.

        • ahhhhh I did post it on IG and then removed the ‘ugly’ memory I took a face plant on the beach in Scheveningen…wet runners, wet wide legged pants…and ‘trying’ to practice using my viewfinder…not my proudest moment but my camera was/is fine…but I took a hit and well it was not pretty…but it’s healed and I’ve been working on getting my head back on straight 🙄 😂 I’m fine now…

  12. I just love these reflections Hedy …. 🙂👏

  13. Perhaps all we have is reinforced memory!

    • yes perhaps Dwight, I don’t know…I do believe denial/unawareness may promote/impede individuals’ awareness of psychological functioning…depending on our lived experiences…I think attention to trauma treatment and prevention…thanks for your thoughtful comment…I am wondering about memories…places/sounds/smells/ sensory knowing…compose a happy writing day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

      • I always say we remember the really joyful and the traumatic times in our life.

        • makes sense…living a life is an adventure…of submerging and surfacing…each day has a moment of joy…I love Amsterdam and the histroical reflections it brings forth…I am grateful to travel…and see the places of my ancestors…always fun to search…smiles hedy 🤓☺️✌️

  14. Lovely tall grass under the eaves. A twirling sky painted upon the water. These pictures can almost be heard. I love the blending of color you use to create a strand of likenesses…


    • thank you Micheal…yes it was just after some rain…it was beautiful to me…I do intend to have my images with tonal likeness…I kept prating and playing with all that LR offers…and looking at ppl’s works…have a creative writing day ~ smiles hedy 🤓✌️

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