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According to Buddha

The happiness of one’s own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one’s own happiness, the happiness of others.

hb images - Berlin fun - 2_

hb images - Berlin fun - 4_

hb images - Berlin fun - 3_

hb images - Berlin fun - 1_

hb images - Berlin fun - 5_

hb images - Berlin fun - 6

make a connection and be more than just nice
how’s your day going?
how’s your day so far?


a walk around, Berlin ~ September 2018

  1. The observation you share is so true. Love the joy shown in the pics — lovely!

  2. True Hedy, thanks for sharing!!!

  3. What great pictures Hedy! The joy is splashing from my computer screen right into my heart.

    • yes Peter it was wonderful to gather them together and compose a little visual narrative of my experience…a fascinating experience for me🤓☺️💫 have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  4. Joining in with a smile. Thanks Hedy 💕

  5. Another fabulous collection. I’m such a fan!

    • thank you for looking and saying Alison…it was fun culling…and of course I practice and practice…I know what I can try again…it’s fun for me…have a happy day ☺️💫❤️

  6. Images full of warm joy and so lively. Wonderful colors and shadows which carry this moods. Photos that make me smile 😊😊😊👍🏼

  7. Excellent photos – and great toning.

    • thanks Rabirius playing with settings and practicing more with LR options…so fun…also trying a wee bit of PS lots to learn…fun for me. ☺️🤓

  8. So true!

  9. Magnifiques! those photos of happiness.

  10. Wonderful happy fun pics Hedy … to go with that super quote! 😃👏

  11. It did look like a Berlin walk. 🙂
    Strange how a city that ordered mass destruction on the world is now so… laid-back?
    Cycles, cycles…

  12. Love this post!

  13. Feelin’ the warmth!

    • it was so cool that they opened the library for us…really a beautiful space…I love libraries 🤓 it’s a comfort zone for me ☺️💫 have a lovely day…I’m still thinking and seeing those beautiful images with the netting Lynn…so beautiful ❤️

      • Thank you, that’s nice to know Hedy….and libraries? Such a vast difference between some local American suburban libraries that fill up with people who have nowhere else to go, and places like the main branch in NYC, and I understand about libraries being comfort zones but in my experience, not always! 😉 .

        • yes this is also our story with the downtown library…which is being rebuilt…I must admit I only go to the university library…these images were in the Alberta Legislature which I’ve never been in before…and it was very private and no one was there other than some photographer friends…we have many issues of homelessness here in etown…it’s something I see every time I do go downtown…🤓 smiles hedy

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