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According to Buddha

The happiness of one’s own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one’s own happiness, the happiness of others.

hb images - Berlin fun - 2_

hb images - Berlin fun - 4_

hb images - Berlin fun - 3_

hb images - Berlin fun - 1_

hb images - Berlin fun - 5_

hb images - Berlin fun - 6

make a connection and be more than just nice
how’s your day going?
how’s your day so far?


a walk around, Berlin ~ September 2018

  1. The observation you share is so true. Love the joy shown in the pics — lovely!

  2. True Hedy, thanks for sharing!!!

  3. What great pictures Hedy! The joy is splashing from my computer screen right into my heart.

    • yes Peter it was wonderful to gather them together and compose a little visual narrative of my experience…a fascinating experience for me🤓☺️💫 have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  4. Joining in with a smile. Thanks Hedy 💕

  5. Another fabulous collection. I’m such a fan!

    • thank you for looking and saying Alison…it was fun culling…and of course I practice and practice…I know what I can try again…it’s fun for me…have a happy day ☺️💫❤️

  6. Images full of warm joy and so lively. Wonderful colors and shadows which carry this moods. Photos that make me smile 😊😊😊👍🏼

  7. Excellent photos – and great toning.

  8. Magnifiques! those photos of happiness.

  9. Wonderful happy fun pics Hedy … to go with that super quote! 😃👏

  10. It did look like a Berlin walk. 🙂
    Strange how a city that ordered mass destruction on the world is now so… laid-back?
    Cycles, cycles…

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