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According to Buddha

To shoulder a burden is an inspiring force.  To admit a mistake is a noble virtue.  [Taking charge a mission is a powerful motivation; Taking the responsibility from a mistake is a virtue.]

hb images - Berlin - east wall - 2

hb images - Berlin - east wall - 3

hb images - Berlin - east wall - 6

hb images - Berlin - east wall - 4

hb images - Berlin - east wall - 7

twenty thousand people
cross bösebrücke
fingers are crossed
just in case
walking the dead

where are we now, where are we now?
the moment you know, you know, you know

as long as there’s sun
as long as there’s sun


a walk around East Side Gallery, Berlin ~ September 2018

  1. Beautiful, inspiring and lots of food for thoughts, Hedy <3 🙂

    • thank you Dina…appreciate you saying…and yes Berlin left me with much to ponder and think about…have a wonderful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

  2. Did I miss out of one post or did you decide to skip post 715? In Berlin they call The Wall the city’s biggest (almost) invisible attraction. I didn’t know that the Bornholmer Brücke is officially called the Bösebrücke. It has some sinister sound.

    • nope Urban I try my best 2x a week…Wednesday and Sunday I release my posts…I think my numbers are correct…715 is “Hank Aaron’s legendary home run number” ☺️🤓…I border crossings and the traces of the wall big and small…left haunting feelings for me…Berlin was a strange adventure for me…I’m grateful that I’ve seen Berlin…

      • I see; 714 was Babe Ruth’s legendary record of homers and on April 8, 1974 Hank Aaron broke it, thus making this home run a legendary one. My mistake.
        Very often my wife and I spend the summer in Berlin; it has a lively artistically scene and the city has a quite liberal atmosphere. A great heritage of the wall is that the city is dotted with big green spots and that the urban planners had the common sense to keep it like that.

        • yes and the green walk lights too…it was an experience for sure to be there…no doubt a rich and daunting history…not a wonder that ‘flying rats’ want to go to see it…we have a active arts community here in etown…albeit very different…I also think you might enjoy some Alberta time…let me know if you ever come this way Urban ~ smiles hedy…appreciate your comments ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️

          • There are three Ampelmännchen variations in modern-day Germany – the old East German version, the old West German version, and a pan-German Ampelmännchen that was introduced in 1992. Each German state holds the right to determine the version used. East Germans have changed the look of Ampelmännchen traffic lights as a joke since the early 1980s; this turned into media-effective efforts to call attention to the vanishing East German Ampelmännchen in the 1990s.

          • it was a fascinating experience to be there…I’m reading more of the history now…I always seem to linger after the fact of being in the spaces I visit…

  3. A new ‘wall’ is being considered and/or constructed as we remember the old one.
    What was learned by the separation of truth and lies?

    • Hoy Eddie. The “new wall” like you call it, is conceived as a temporary installation, and there is much opposition against it from city-hall, who’s fearing a lots of inconveniences. And as far as it goes for Germany; there were truths and lies on both sides of the iron curtain (maybe a little more on the Eastern side).

    • and it is a wonder how one does not see they can learn from parallels between history…sending peace and all good things to you Eddie ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

  4. i.n.s.p.i.r.i.n.g.

  5. Very inspiring words from Buddha.

    • those Buddhas do have a lot to say…I’ve enjoyed learning more along the way as a sloppy one 🤓 have a happy day ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  6. Hedy, the words match excellent with your great images. Wonderful work, again.
    smiles through walls 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • smiles back Markus…appreciate your comments…it took me a while to cull over my images from our travels…it was an intense experience for me 🤓✌️💫 smiles over the pond ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

  7. Nice photos and inspiration. Some cultures (no name) never admit a mistake. It would destroy their very self-image. As consequence they don’t learn from their mistakes…

    • humble thank you Brian…and yes our world is showing leaders that are…well no words…I imagine a different world, you know 🤓✌️❤️

      • Yes. Maybe the Vedas et al were right. We are just on big wheel, and right now there are bumps on the road. Hopefully they won’t last long… 🙂

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