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According to Buddha

Life is just like climbing a mountain.
Once we reach the top,
it is time to come back down.
Knowing that life is like this,
that we are born and then we die,
we must ask ourselves
if we are truly using our potential fully. 

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we are the future! live today!
we are the future! live today!
we are the future! live today!
we are the future! live today!


, Telford Lake, Leduc Alberta ~ October 2018

  1. Good question…

  2. Open throttle, full steam ahead, until it’s time to slow down.
    Always a need for that too

    • yes Eddie…full steam ahead…had a calm weekend…much needed…thinking of you sending all good things and big hugs your way ~ hedy ☺️✌️❤️

  3. Good post and photos.Greetings

  4. Looks chilly out there… I see they use the same paddle mitts I use on the kayak paddle. Still prefer a kayak, I like to see where I’m going! Can’t they invent a system where the paddlers are facing forward? Great photography.

    • Sha’Tara it was a fresh day…and you know then rowers are a tough bunch…such a wonderful group of humans…I’ve never kayaked…must try that soon…I love the water….thank you for your comments I appreciate them ~ smiles hedy ☺️😃💫

  5. Great post and pics!

  6. Great captures Hedy!!!

  7. Good for them! 🙂

    • I love rowers for that…they’re a tough bunch here in Alberta…I wanted to go the boat but it was too cold for me…I’ll try next spring or summer again…smiles Lynn hope you’re having a peaceful monday ~ sending all good things your way ~ ❤️💫✌️

  8. Excellent scenes.

  9. Such a great post Miss Hedy! Hugs from NZ 🙂

  10. You do convey a sensation of bl..dy cold in those photos. 🙂 But they seem to enjoy it.
    Climbing to the top? And then go down? Reminds me of a saying I read a long, long time ago in Grad school.
    “To set an objective is finite. If you don’t reach the objective (summit?) you will be frustrated. If you do reach the objective, then what comes next? better choose a path, a way, because a path is infinite…”
    That of course is the way of the Tao…

    • it was ridiculous that Saturday and then Sunday boom 10 degrees warmer but Alberta rowers are tough…actually they all seem tough to me…I didn’t say the whole day…too bitter with that wind ☺️ 💫 send some warmth up here Brian…we’ve had a lot of freezing rain which I dislike very much…I’m hoping for snow lots of white fluffy snow and then a big bright sun…that’s my favourite winter day, even though it’s still fall 🧐 smiles YOU!

      • Smiles back.
        Freezing rain (sleet?) is the worse. I’d rather have snow. The real thing. Cleaner. 🙂
        I wish I could can the sun and send it up there.
        (We are due for a “cold” wednesday: 12C. Ridiculous by your standards isn’t it?

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