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According to Buddha

Believe in yourself, but do not be attached in your own point of view.

hb images - Scheveningen - 1

hb images - Scheveningen a

hb images - Scheveningen - 4

hb images - Scheveningen - 3

hb images - Scheveningen b

hb images - Scheveningen - 2

man in the middle – left right
man in the middle – that’s right
man in the middle – (ah!)


Scheveningen Pier, The Hague Netherlands ~ September 2018

  1. Each of these images is tied together nicely by shades of tan/yellow. Nice compositions too, Hedy. Best wishes.

  2. Ah Scheveningen! Empty beaches, grey sky. I’ll be in Scheveningen in a few weeks. I will remember these great pictures.

    • yes it was rainy on and off…Scheveningen brings about fond girlhood memories for me Peter…compose a happy day and enjoy Shanghai ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  3. I like the feeling of a place that we usually see occupied all deserted. Nice images, Hedy. Have a great week. Cheers

  4. What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful images… and this: “Believe in yourself, but do not be attached in your own point of view.” – good quote and truthful.

  6. One of the few times in my life I went to a casino, although I didn’t gamble a dime. All very posh in the mid nineties and I thought forgone glory. Judging by your beautiful pictures, it starts to resurrect.

    • I’ve gambled once…not my thing…I felt as though the ‘strip’ felt like our WEM here in etown…seems all cities have these sorts of spaces…for me it was a re-remembering of family stories…the water makes it a beautiful place for me…I love it. have a wonderful writing week Urban ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  7. Beautiful images. Have a good week.

  8. Great captures. I love that pier, bet it has a lot of fun things to do inside. Have a great week my friend.

    • thank you Terry…it was dead quiet…this was y first time inside…we never went onto the pier when I was young…it was a fun day…smiles hedy 😊💫😊

  9. i like the 1st and 3rd. nice work.

  10. These are all amazing!

  11. Great collection, Hedy, and as with Brett, I loved the colour thematic. Thank you, and all best wishes, Hariod.

  12. Love this.. very interesting viewpoints too.

  13. Wonderful yellows.

  14. The place looks familiar, but somehow different.
    Excellent compositions.

  15. Great captures Hedi, I’ve been there too, it is a wonderful place!!!

  16. Scheveningen! 🙂 I thought that might be a Dutch beach. 🙂

  17. Super images dear Hedy .. love the one shot through the window 🙂👏

    • thank you kindly Julie for saying….yes always fun when a human enters for me…it was a quiet day on the beach front ☺️💫✌️ have a happy monday ~ smiles hedy

  18. An excellent series, Hedy, and the quote – that’s a hard one, isn’t it? But so good when you can get the balance right. And you’ve got the balance right here! 😉

    • thank you dear Lynn…yes indeed balance changes day to day…this I know 🤓💫 have a happy Monday ~ many smiles sending you joy 💫

  19. I’ve been there a few times… …but it took the special Hedy-view to feel the wish to return to that place again. The mood in your images is so stunning! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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