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According to Buddha

The beauty of a group lies in the refinement of its individuals.  [The beauty of a group lies upon the assembly of each individual’s ethics practice.]

hb - gooseberry - 4_

hb - gooseberry - 3_-2

hb - gooseberry - 1_

hb - gooseberry - 5_



Gooseberries, kitchen etown ~ November 2018

  1. Stay in that work with me this week, Hedy. My effort is on focus…no extra words. Did I fail already, giggle? 🌻💛

  2. Wonderful photos, Hedy, as always, and I love the Buddha’s words.

  3. Great images Hedy!!!

  4. I wondered if I could make a sentence that would refer to your number, citation and pictures in one. Here it comes;
    Bernie Rhodes managed Subway Sect and supervised the recording of the group’s debut album at Gooseberry Studios in London.

    • Well Urban…that’s found poetry 🤓☺️💫 makes me smile ~ compose a happy day ~ hedy 😊

      • Bernie Rhodes, however subsequently sacked all the band except Godard and the original Subway Sect ceased to exist, proving your point that a group lies upon the assembly of each individual’s ethics practice.

        • I don’t know much about music history…but yes dismantling of groups is common…reminds me of historian Yuval Noah Harari’s suggests a surprising reason for the rise of humanity…and what is bad or good…and who decides…so many wonders…now I will cook and think ☺️🤓 smiles hedy

  5. Wonderful photos. I can feel the colors, yet I don’t miss them.

  6. Gorgeous shots

  7. Hedy, you captured the colors in black and white. My brain saw all the orange and green tones. Stunning photos. Happy days. Reinhold

    • yes I did capture them in their oranges but I felt I was hanging in the yellow zone for a bit so it was a b/w feeling that emerged…I liked it too ☺️💫 smiles Reinhold hoping all is well for you too…busy I know 🤓 hugs over the pond.

  8. simple & beautiful.

  9. Great post! Love black and white photographs!

  10. Excellent close ups and great b/w processing.

  11. Smiles are being generated by this, Hedy. Such lovely individuals, these plump gooseberries, and parts of a whole, too. They deserved your attention. I love the way you highlight the textures but keep it all quiet and friendly.

  12. Love the shots Miss Hedy … 😊

  13. Beauty, refinement, individuals, responsibility (?), group, identity (?), common path?
    Thank you for the thoughts Hedy.

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