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According to Buddha

Whether we are young or old,
if people give rise to joy upon seeing us,
then this is true beauty.

my left hand’s got a permanent air guitar tick
but don’t confuse it with a crutch
’cause i like it a lot.
hey little one up there just playing possum,
wake up to smoke ’em from whence you got ’em.
walk off Whyte Ave ~ Etown Alberta ~ November 2018
  1. Excellent series.

    • So true,i use to drive elderly people to places where they could enjoy themselves,it gave me joy everytime i saw them,have a great eavening Hedy 🙂

      • she waved and said hello…yes I said many hellos on this walk…it was a warm slushing icy walk…so mild people prefer that…I’m yearning snow now…smiles Luc have a happy day ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️💫

    • humble thank you Rabirius ☺️💫 always appreciate you saying ~ have a creative day 🤓 smiles hedy

  2. Pictures of a road called after a railway executive in your hometown, a quote relating to joyful encounters. My literary take on this…
    Where Thou art — that — is Home — by Emily Dickinson (Poem 725, number assigned by Thomas H. Johnson in his variorum edition of 1955)

    • lovely Urban…“Where Thou art – that – is Home.”…I love that…thank you…my home is in my body…but yes my physical space is currently her in etown…I gave it a ‘Fargo” flavor…🤓☺️ have a joyful day ~ smiles hedy

  3. Oh, I really like the look of the blacksmith shop, Hedy. My ancestors from Ireland were blacksmiths. I hope you have a great week. Stay warm. Cheers!

  4. enjoying your musical
    venturing out into
    the warmth 🙂

  5. great quote and i really love the blacksmith photo

    • yes always like the blacksmith space…glad to know it’s being restored…I’ll keep an eye on it…have a good day Buddy ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️💫

  6. Love the capture of the Blacksmith’s shop. I wonder if it still has some of the abandoned equipment is still there.
    Have a great week Hedy.

    • yes it’s a historical space…contested but will be restored which is really nice I’d say….yes back up the highway…already mid week ☺️💫 have a happy one too Terry many smiles and sending you joy ✌️

  7. the second one is very me.

    • humble thanks Gavin…it’s a space that will not be destroyed…a wee bit of etown heritage which is good for us…it will be interesting to see the final restoration 🤓 smiles hedy have a happy day!

  8. Being seen. So powerful💛

  9. Gorgeous series Hedy. Love the sepia tones, and the photo of the woman with the dog is superb.
    Alison sending smiles from rainy Vancouver.

  10. Great street views. Zevenhonderd etc.? Post #725? My, my…

  11. Indeed amazing photography – sentiments from rainy Chilliwack!

    • Thank you kindly Sha’Tara…we too have some freezing rain…slippery 🙃😝 have a cozy day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  12. An engaging paradox: warm treatment …. snowy streets.

    • mostly ice…freezing rain that week…but now real snow it’s beautiful and white…have a creative day John ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️💫

  13. I love that … joy upon seeing us! Wonderful photos Miss Hedy ..super people shots 🙂👏

  14. I mean it’s obviously winter… …but all that images got this calm and warm mood and smiling to me in a way. Smiles back to you and thank you for sharing that. 🙂

    • hey hi you Markus and yes it’s winter well soon it starts for real 😳☺️❄️ many smiles back over the pond.

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