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Everyman’s Library Dead Souls number

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According to Buddha

Speak kind words,
think good thoughts,
do good deeds,
and walk the right path.

so before you go out searching
don’t decide what you will find
be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind

 Calgary New Central Library, Calgary Alberta ~ November 2018
  1. Great blogpost, beautiful pictures.

    Kind regards,

  2. You always speak to my heart, Hedy.🌻

  3. ‘Be more kind’, a suggestion fit for all mankind, from president or king to everyday people.

    • it’s always possible…in my hedy world…but then again I don’t know any kings or presidents…just ordinary folks…good people I surround myself with Eddie…deleted a few along the way 🙃😃 hope you are well and enjoying your garden…sending you joy 💫 smiles hedy

  4. You got the looks of many books.
    Wow, What a wonderful library is that.
    The library is my favorite place to be.

    • it’s new and fresh and bright and light…I love libraries too…soon we have our etown one restored I’ll be curious how it will look…this is in Calgary (cowtown) and yes it’s stunning to me ☺️🤓 have a lovely wiring day Leegschrift ✌️😃 smiles hedy

  5. Very moving, stunning and expressive, ☮️

  6. Nicely tuned post! In the title a reference to a book whose main protagonist is probably the Ultimate Poshlost (This one Russian word encompasses triviality, vulgarity, sexual promiscuity, and a lack of spirituality) followed by a Jing-si aphorism, pictures of a convoluted library building reminding us to keep searching, without deciding what we will find and a reference to an album whose main message is a call to “Be More Kind”. Well done Hedy.

    • humble thank you Urban…the number is luck…and it works in a good sloppy way…sending you kindness and good writing vibes ~ compose a good one ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫🤓

  7. what a beautiful impressive building!

  8. What a outstanding space.

    • I agree…I was impressed even the finishing is fine…and nice details…you’ll have to mark it in for your Alberta adventure…cowtown has a lovely downtown ☺️ have a good day Terry!

      • Definitely will be added during one of my adventures. Since I am now much closer to your area I plan on exploring it.

        • yes the entire area around Calgary is appealing for many reasons as you know Terry ~ smiles from snowy etown ❄️❄️❄️⭐️

  9. Very nice, Hedy!

  10. What a library. And, we can’t even get our streets paved. Ain’t that America?

    • it’s really beautiful Ray and the light floods in and wood makes it feel so warm…I love it! Apparently the total project cost of $245 million…we do have pot holes too…and we ain’t America…albeit Alberta does need something to happen…lots of angry oil people here…

      • That really isn’t much money for something like that. I’d certainly support that. When I say potholes you likely don’t understand. My street looks like a Berlin after WWII. According to the city plan my street won’t be fixed until 2032. Oil is coming to an end, and they know it. That’s what the fights are about now.

        • yes the price of the barrel…sigh…big snowy smiles from etown Ray…so happy to have forced air and warmth…gotta get out to shovel ☺️😳 😊

          • The end of oil as a major propellent is coming. For people who live by it, I’m sorry. And, for all the complaining that people did about GM closing factories, they don’t realize what Mary Berra saw. She closed those plants in favor of retooling the entire company for electric powered, and autonomous cars. She sees the future. A cleaner, better future for all of us.

            At the rate we are going, I’m pretty sure we’ll be wearing shorts, sundress and flip flops of Christmas. I don’t look so good in a sundress. Heh.

          • I can see you in a sundress Ray 😂😂😂 have a funny day big smiles from snow filled etown…☺️❄️✌️

          • Only on the “Red Dress Run.” That’s when all the guys wear red dresses and run through The French Quarter. Day of remembrance down here.

          • ❣️💃yes I can imagine Ray 🤩 have a fun and funny day 😎

          • That was then. Today is 39 degrees. The dogs weren’t having it.

          • well we’ve got freezing rain and so much ice I worry about turned ligaments for the big mutt…seriously crazy…I just want snow ❄️🤓 stay cool Ray…hugs to the dogs too ✌️

          • These dogs mostly don’t know about cold weather beyond what we normally have. They stretch pretty well by themselves, but they liked being stretched. The roll over on their backs and…

          • tummy rubs 🐶 and cuddles…I love dogs….have a snappy day Ray 😀

          • You should meet these dogs. they really are the boss of us.

          • mine is like a shadow…dogs are the best!

  11. the second photo reminds of of how the stairs move about in the harry potter movies.

    • it reminded me of a Porto bookstore without the lush ruby colours it’s got a lovely feeling to it here with the warm woods….smiles to you Buddy ☺️✌️

  12. Wow, that new central library, what a beauty! Who is architect? The first stairway shot suggests that “walking the right path” may at times be difficult to do, despite good intentions, since one must first discern which is the right path…

    • it’s stunning Penny no doubt a gem for the downtown…this is what I read about the architects…”The Central Library is a joint design project by international architecture firm Snøhetta and DIALOG, a Canadian firm with locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto.”

      pretty cool to me ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  13. Great pictures! I’m planning to visit folks in Okotoks next Spring – got to remember to go have a look at that library!
    “Speak kind words, think good thoughts, do good deeds, and walk the right path.”
    I suppose if one consistently does the first three, the “right” path must always be under foot.

    • Sha’Tara I’m sure you’d appreciate the space…it’s very inviting…ahhhhhhh right/wrong…I don’t know…knowing when to stop and wait is also a good thing sometimes for me…have a happy day…snowy smiles from etown ✌️❄️

  14. Brilliant photos! Thank you for sharing!

  15. What a fabulous building! I think I’d like exploring there. You captured beautiful light.

    • isn’t it stunning Alison it’s a beauty and the light is inviting…smiles from snowy etown…gotta get out to shovel…❄️🤓☺️

  16. Great captures Hedy, great library!!!

  17. Glorious, Hedy! Tear drops and books… a haven/heaven for sure. What a lovely space, and I feel lucky to see this place through your visionary eyes…


  18. The right path…
    Where Frost finds the Tao?
    Your posts are a lovely path m’dear.

    • I must read some Tao…big smiles and hugs Brian…have a joyful day ☺️💫

      • Thank you Hedy. I think we all must. I only read one sentence once and it has changed my life. Smiles back. No sun, sorry, it’s been raining all night and all day… 🙁

        • hmmmmmm and now I I’m curious about that one sentence…I understand that some words can change a life…oh now we’ve had sun and fresh lots of sparkle here ❄️🌞⭐️

          • To have an objective is a mistake. Objectives are finite. If you reach your goal, what next? If you don’t? Frustration. Forget about objectives, take the road (the Tao) because roads and paths are infinite.

          • yes paths are I agree…now I will venture out on the freezing rain that left so much ice ugh…not my kind of path…I’m ready to leave Edmonton ☺️✌️ appreciate your words and responses Brian…thank you…have a joyful day…with some fun too ☺️

          • Thank you, you too, Hedy. I will give thanks that we don’t have ice. Mind your step. 🙂

  19. Great post .. great quote and wonderful photos Miss Hedy 🙂👏

  20. Hedy, I love the lines, the shapes and the stunnig way how you integrated people in that architekture. That is great. Many smiles to etown 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • yes it’s a stunning place I will return to this Library in Calgary…it’s so inviting and beautiful…have a great Sunday ~ smiles2☺️💫

  21. The library looks amazing. Love this post, walk the right path and be kind – so very true.

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