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According to Buddha

Love is just like a cup of tea, when properly mixed, it has a wonderful light aroma. If it is too strong, it will be too bitter to drink.


HB images - berlin peace - 11






Crack Bellmer, Berlin Germany ~ September 2018 

  1. What wonderful & gritty images, Hedy, and I love the quote about love and tea from the Buddha. 🙂

  2. sweet berlin memories…

    • still have many to look at and sort through it was a sensory overload to me…still feel the atmosphere of the spaces and places of Berlin…big hugs over the pond from snowy etown have a happy Monday Inge ~ ❤️😘☺️💫

  3. Amazing street art. Germany is tops on my list of places to visit to see some friends. I hope I can find some photo-worthy street art.

    • oh you’ll have no problem…there is a lot…there are also apps that locate the top spaces and top artists…you know you can follow many on IG too…smiles from snowy etown have a good teaching day day Chris ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫🤓

  4. I love your subject matter. You have a wonderful eye, Hedy!

  5. I love street art.

    • yes I love to sure the variety in differing places…here we could learn to make art not just have tagging…so I love to look and see…smiles Terry have a wonderful day! ☺️💫

  6. Love can be powerful, or even over powering, somewhat like
    the images presented today.
    Great selection of photos as example for this as allegory

    • yes Eddie…love can be powerful…and over powering…in the end that’s all we have is love…someone told me that once 🤓✌️ sending you and your loved ones much love and joy ❄️💙❄️

  7. Fantastic post Hedy. A phrase caught my eye. Liebe in beton saden.
    Love in concrete dark-hearted? 🙂
    Lifting an eyebrow.

  8. these images are so intense. wow

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