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According to Buddha

Happiest is the person whose heart is filled with love.

HB images - snow day - 13

HB images - snow day - 11

HB images - snow day - 10

this ain’t no walk in park
but i call it my home
and you’re all invited

waking up in the dark
knowing i’m not alone
it’s all so familiar


snow day Etown ~ Alberta ~ December 2018

  1. Wish you a wonderful time.

    Kind regards,

  2. As per the Beatles “All you need is LOVE”. Looks like your having some good snow days up there. Have a warm week my friend.

    • yes and yes both are lovely Terry…I’ve had a great week with my sister…we had a lot of fun! enjoy your loved ones to Terry…the wee one is so sweet ☺️💫

  3. Happiest is the person who loves a pup who loves snow. (lately, anyway!)

    • my old dog loves the cold days like these ones…fresh and so pretty…the river valley was stunning this morning ❄️🌞⭐️ enjoy your new little one Raven Wolfe big hugs ❤️

    • yup Buddy…it was fresh…but it’s been rather mild and we’ve had freezing rain…sorry I missed this comment it was caught up in spam 🤓☺️ 💫 compose a warm day ~ smiles hedy

  4. that’s what I call wonderful winter impression. I will carry that images through the day… …thank you for that. Many sunny winter smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂 Markus

  5. My heart is full of snow. I’m melting, I’m melting. Just for you, and you, and of course you!

  6. “Happiest is the person whose heart is filled with love” —- Truer words never were spoken!

    See you. Take care.

    Neil S.

  7. Looks pretty freezing. 🙂
    But the photos are great.

  8. Great photos full of snow and love.

  9. glad you have
    real snow, hedy!
    wish i had some.
    will find some soon 🙂

    • yes David…it was wonderful ❄️
      sadly, rain yesterday so now frozen ice…thinking skating is going to happen yet! 😳
      I love snow ❄️❤️
      have a lovely time ~ sending you joy 💫✌️

  10. Lovely post Miss Hedy … 👏

  11. So much snow. I will stop bitching about our cold. 😉
    And yet you find so much light.
    Love your posts.

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