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According to Buddha

Do not wait for anybody or anything. Do whatever you can, build your hope on none.

hb images - Ponte 25 - 1

hb images - Ponte 25 - 4

hb images - Ponte 25 - 6

hb images - Ponte 25 - 5

hb images - Ponte 25 - 7

nothing but
you will have nothing but love
nothing but hope, blue sky above
you will find nothing but peace
nothing but the sun shining on your face


Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. I love these angles, Hedy! The first one, with the palm trees, the brick building, and the smooth, industrial lines of the bridge – it’s like a musical trio harmonizing together. Is that a plane flying through the negative space of the third picture? Excellent composition! And the fourth – I love the way the wires (attached to the building – wow!) and the triangle sign fit into the whole. Marvelous! Oh, my neck hurts now. :-0

  2. Nearly missed that plane! Excellent series, Hedy! Love alle these lines and blocks in the frame. It reminds me to my time in Frankfurt. I like these “looking up” compositions. Happy days and smiles. Reinhold

    • yes I held onto these Lisboa images from the spring…I like bridges a lot although I know little about them…they are always fascinating spaces to photograph…and so different from here…have a joyful week…happy days Reinhold…will come and look at your next series…☺️🤓💫

  3. interesting shapes

  4. Great post! Love the photographs!

  5. You have a very interesting eye… 🙂 As with paintings, one must remember that what one sees in a photograph, comes from the photographer’s eye and brain…
    And yes, count on no-one…

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