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According to Buddha

It is only in the depth of silence that the voice of Spirit can be heard. Speak as low as possible, as little as possible, as sweetly as possible.

hb images - buttons - 5

hb images - buttons - 3

hb images - buttons - 6

hb images - buttons - 2

hb images - buttons - 7

hb images - buttons - 1_-2

button your lip baby
button your coat
lets go out dancing


‘Practical & Pretty: Buttons and Fasteners’, 1792-1908 ~ RAM, Etown ~ December 2018

  1. Interesting idea here, Hedy. Is this part of a museum? Have a great Sunday. Cheers!

    • yes I went back to re-capture them…it’s a lovely museum and our roads and sidewalks are sheer ice so I’ve found inside spaces…hoping for snow but it’s sunny and mild and greasy 😳🙃😊

  2. Fabulous ❣️

  3. I wonder, are these shadows, or paintings of shadows, or something else altogether? 🙂

  4. dizzying but very creative

  5. Stunning Hedy!!!

  6. Quote: “Speak as low as possible, as little as possible, as sweetly as possible.” I can grok that, if only I could follow such impeccable advice!

    • Sha’Tara ☺️ well…it is possible they say 🤓 I try my best…☺️ but fail…at times…depends on context for me…but I am dislike of loud very much…have a lovely writing day ~ smiles hedy 💫

    • ps. I really like the word grok Sha’Tara….

      • Yes? I find it more emphatic that “get” myself, plus it’s got that alien twang to it. Anything to get beyond and away from our truncated (confused, to use the Biblical context) Earthian languages.

        • Sha’Tara thank you for your teachings and i will come to read your work more closely….i love what you are saying about Earthian languages….smiles and joy to you and your loved ones ~ hedy 😀

  7. Good pictures with a expressionist element.

  8. Beautiful. Repeating patterns with slight phase changes can create remarkable tapestries. Makes me think of Steve Reich’s music in a way. Each angle unique, yet somehow investigating what is the same… One and yet many, coinciding… Very lovely.


    • Michael I always appreciate your response to my posts…thank you kindly for saying ☺️ big smiles 😀 hope your writing days have been treating you well ✌️

  9. Oww, I like the colors of the pictures. I like the silence of no sound. And best of all I keep on dancing in the shadows. Your pictures always give me a little jumping heart.

    • thank you kindly for your comments Leegschrift…that’s nice for me to read 🤓 and yes quiet is fine…especially as we enter a busy couple of weeks…dancing is fun 💫

  10. This made me smile, Hedy – I immediately knew those were buttons in some kind of exhibit, with WAY too many shadows in the lighting, and you took advantage of that. I have to ask, did you darken the shadows? For the sake of the museum-goers, I hope so! 🙂 Keep warm and keep those brilliant eyes open!

    • yes I went back to re-capture them 🤓 and ran them through snap seed first and then a tiny touch in LR…it’s a beautiful museum to me…thank you Lynn…have a snappy day yourself ☺️💫

  11. Well done again. Focussing on those shadows might well lead one into meditation… 🙂

    • it was fun for me 😀 thank you dear Brian for your comments and conversations here…i appreciate them 😀 hugs hedy 😀

      • Dankje for being os inspiring. Each post of yours brings something. A touch of light. A reflection. A pondering. Reversing an attitude. So, thank YOU.

  12. Was trying to figure out what they were than I realised!

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