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Tank film number

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According to Buddha

The point of the spiritual revolution is not to become a good Buddhist, but to become a wise and compassionate human being, to awaken from our life of complacency and ignorance and to be a buddha. 

hb images - barb wire - 5

hb images - barb wire - 8

hb images - barb wire - 6

reflections of myself, life is no easy game
and we’re caught in the trade winds
the trade winds of our time


Barbed wire ~ December 2018

  1. Cold steel, the heart of man?
    Breaking from this does require much love and great patience.
    Incredible photos Hedy.
    happy day to you dear friend!

  2. Great pics, quote and a beautiful Roberta’s song, Merry Christmas to you Hedy and fly!!!

  3. i’m a big fan of wire.
    love the last one the best.

    • yes…Gavin i also learn from looking at your work…i appreciate your b/w crisp works…i will continue to practice…have a happy day Gavin ~ smiles from Saskatchewan!

  4. If only we could all become passionate caring humans. Have a great holiday my friend.

    • yes yes Terry I’m in Saskatchewan life is full and fun…hoping you have a joyful holiday in your new place and with your wee ones too…BIG hugs and all good things to dear Terry…have a happy day ~ smiles and love your way ~ hedy 😀

  5. Barbed wire, or as Native Americans soon came to call it, ‘the Devil’s Rope’ and deadly it proved too… and still is. For people they now use razor wire, of course.

  6. Strong graphics, Hedy!

  7. I’m listening to Roberta – haven’t heard her in so very long – beautiful song, and such a stand-up-and pay-attention juxtaposition with the images here.

    • she came to my mind…i hadn’t listened to her for a long while…she is magical…thank you dear Lynn for all your comments and kindness i truly appreciate it…compose a beautiful day with your loved ones 😀 <3

  8. Sometimes it is the little things, that make great compositions.
    Excellent work, Hedy.

  9. No easy game indeed. But one tries one’s best, doesn’t one? 👍🏻🍷🎈🌺

  10. Beautiful Buddha sayings…….Nice

  11. Very nice — you are a visual poet, Hedy. Taking very much to heart the lead-off quote.

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