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Marghanna planet number

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According to Buddha

Meditate upon the teacher as the glow of your awareness,
When you melt and mingle together,
Taste that expanse of nonduality.
There remain.


IMG_1271 (1)


IMG_1318 (1)

down where the gulls dance driftwood lying drying for the fire
yellow beak and sleek now the gulls are crying flying higher
out from the sea came a little green crab
taking the Sun the morning being very drab
old rusty cans, pebbles ‘bedded in the sand stand and stare


 Lithodidae ~ December 2108

  1. Happy new year Hedy!

  2. Great close ups.
    Happy New Year.

  3. What is….735? Crab photos and planet numbers for $1000 Hedy.

  4. mmmmm…crab

  5. Happy New Year Hedy!!!

  6. 🙂 🙂 Looks like some good food to melt into….

  7. This is how I like my crab…on a plate 🙂

  8. Fusion, taste and crabs seem to be the leading themes of this post. Marghanna; named in honor of the discoverer’s mother Margarete Vogt and after Hanna, who was another relative. Yeshe Tsogyal, the Mistress of samsara and nirvana in a meditation about the taste of a mental non-duality between teacher and student, and some pictures and a song that mention crabs. Fusion crab cooking?

    • I’m still thinking about Margarete Vogt…and I didn’t know Yeshe Tsogyal as the Mistress…much to read indeed. 🤓

      I do think about that politics of food…have for decades…where and what etc…labels and little boxes humans place themselves into…I read about Flexitarians this week…perhaps, they just trying to have their crab cake and eat it too…
      and Buddhist cuisine

      I like the word fusion…the Latin word fundere, meaning melt, so fusion is the act of melting things together…sounds lovely to me 🤓✌️ happy cooking Urban ~ smiles hedy

  9. Hedy, your reference to Marghanna sent me in search of what that might mean (as I see it also did for K.E. Garland) and the significance, if any, of 735. Same with 2108, but wondered whether that might be a typo, but I did read about Aleutian Island king crab catches as a result..

    In addition to your always mesmerizing photos, I found the song lyrics in your post especially intriguing. That excerpt has the same rhythmic pattern as the lyrics of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” from your Puzzle People post about a month ago, so much so that I thought they were from that song. So I was surprised to hear Donovan as the singer and the much slower pacing. But could definitely see them as an extension of Cave’s song. And, of course, crabs have red right “hands”. 🙂 Best, Brett

    • Oops — meant cryptomathecian not K.E. Garland in mention above.

    • ahhh those numbers…who knows time and space…or where I am 😳🤓😂

      rhythmic patterns…I’ve got to listen to both to hear that…but liking sameness makes sense…I think about and have been reading more about music and age…I love music…

      thanks for your comments Brett have a happy day ~ sending you joy hedy ☺️💫

      • I love your numbers (and their suggestive power to clear our minds in certain ways).

        Thanks for the link to the study correlating age to major personality traits. Worth exploring.

        Sometimes patterns in music can be picked up by listening with our ears, but with lyrics the pattern is as often better picked up by the cadence of the words on paper. Music is but a variation of poetry and I suspect, as you might, that each of us bring different things to music at different points in our lives.

  10. someone
    happy new year 🙂

    • yes…
      sloppy 🤓
      very very
      for some…I know…
      I do eat from the sea…
      “It is a feeble compassion that pulls up short where self-interest begins.”…some one said that once…
      it’s a sloppy post indeed ☺️✌️
      happy new year…smiles hedy

  11. Happy New Year!

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