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According to Buddha

We have to restore the meaning of the word ‘love.’ We have been using it in a careless way. When we say, ‘I love hamburgers,’ we are not talking about love. We are talking about our appetite, our desire for hamburgers. We should not dramatize our speech and misuse words like that. We make words like ‘love’ sick that way. We have to make an effort to heal our language by using words carefully. The word ‘love’ is a beautiful word. We have to restore its meaning.

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hb images - joeys - 3_

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hb images - joeys - 1_

i got an ol’ pair of boots
and they fit just right
i can work all day
and i can dance all night
i got an ol’ used car
and it runs just like a top
i get the feelin’ it ain’t
ever gonna stop

stuff that works, stuff that holds up
the kind of stuff you don’ hang on the wall
stuff that’ real, stuff you feel
the kind of stuff you reach for when you fall


Joey’s Place, Edmonton AB ~ January 2019

  1. What is…738? Asteroid numbers for $1000 Hedy…

  2. Love the way you subtly put your personal signature into these pictures. Refining people’s sense for beauty is a way to heal the superficial use of important concepts. There is indeed a huge difference between “liking” cars and “loving” them.

    • 🤓 thanks I also read

      and I do think about ‘signature’ as a creative 🤓

      and I agree Urban…there is a difference…I learned about the love of the car from my father…he loved his cars and his man cave…

      my magpie eye comes out in these spaces…I throughly enjoyed looking and seeing in this space…so fun! have a good writing day ~ smiles hedy ✌️💫☺️

  3. Great details that form a whole.

    • humble thanks Rabirius…I did capture “whole” cars…but it was about the bits…for this post indeed 🤓☺️ have a lovely day ~

  4. wonderful post, photos, thoughts
    enjoy life daily, Eddie

  5. Great photos. I “love” B&W if you know what I mean?

  6. Wonderful series of photos, I really enjoyed them.

    I got an ol’ blue shirt
    And it suits me just fine
    I like the way it feels
    So I wear it all the time
    I got an old guitar
    It won’t ever stay in tune
    I like the way it sounds
    In a dark and empty room

    • I love his lyrics I heard Guy Clark ‘Stuff that works’ earlier in the week…it sounded right in my hedy head 🤓☺️ have a musical day ✌️

  7. I think I’d enjoy a visit to Joey’s Place. Your images stimulate my curiosity. Have a brilliant week. Cheers!

    • you would indeed Chris…it’s filled with car bits and pieces and whole ones…and Joey loves his work…he shared stories of the cars…they have shared stories that many of us would know…as I think about lovely car trips…happy travels…have a joyful week with your students ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  8. Your photos are so dramatically beautiful, Hedy. Also, I agree about the word love. I’m guilty of using it too often in a way that diminishes it.

  9. Wonderful pictures Hedy and a beautiful “blue”!!!

  10. Wonderful captures. Is that last one a foot selfie? HAHA. Take care Hedy, have a wonderful week.

  11. Beautiful set, Hedy. Black and white definitely the perfect choice of treatment.
    Enjoyed the reflection shots the best–car window with washer and drier and boots in the bumper.

  12. “I like you but I don’t do love,” she said. I think the word “love” is purely contextual; it cannot have but one meaning. If we want a word that means, say, “unconditional love” (an oxymoron, that) then we must use the word “compassion” so there is no misunderstanding re: our meaning. At least in English you have two choices: love and like. In French you only have the verb “aimer” which has to do for everything. The Greeks had something like 8(?) different words to describe love. But to repeat, if we mean doing only good and never causing harm inasmuch as it is in one’s power, the only thing we have, or need, is compassion.
    Lovely photography, as usual.

    • yes Sha’Tara …yes cultural differences in conceptualizing love thus doubly impede the establishment of a universal definition…there is no one love…I’ve enjoyed some pages in Thích Nhất Hạnh’s book How to Love…“To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love.”

      compose another compassionate day ~ smiles and joy to you ~ hedy ☺️✌️💫

  13. I daren’t say I love these photos. And I must say I agree with the Buddha. So instead I’ll say that each photo drew me in and told a story and the ones that seemed to have most appeal for me were 1, 2, 4, and 6, which is to say almost all of them. The B&W works really well for this series.

  14. I LOVE them ALL

  15. Ahh, very cool… all of these. Wonderful dynamic images.

  16. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!

  17. wonderful post in word and text… ….to keep values and emotions precious… ….many smiles to you, Hedy, over the pond 🙂

  18. I won’t say I love these photos either … ! Great quote, super images Miss Hedy 🙂💫

  19. I “adore” your pix. 😉
    Always interesting to look at what others see.

    • yes for sure Brian and thank you for your adoring words ☺️✌️ seeing and looking are pleasurable for me 🤓 sending you snowy joy✌️

  20. It’s an intriguing mix, these photos with the quote….I’m aware of using the word love when I don’t have the discipline to think of a better word, and you could say that overuse cheapens it. Wonderful is another one, just think, full of wonder – now that’s important, but it’s used and used again, buy me and others. The photos are so much fun, Hedy – as usual, you select a processing method that fits the subject beautifully. And is someone wearing some very cool boots? 😉

    • ☺️ agree Lynn…and thank you for your thoughts…I appreciated them 🤓 several words now have different meanings for me…some words no longer carry the feelings that they may have had for me once upon a time…such as ‘winning’ or ‘sad’….if you know what I mean…but I love words and people who can wordsmith…I had a friend Joy-Ruth Michelson who could craft sentences that were always brilliant…I prefer the camera over the pencil these days 😊 happy sunday to you enjoy the beauty you live in. ps. my Berlin boots ☺️

      • 🙂 Admiration for friends’ abilities is a good way to keep us inspired, right? As is shopping sometimes. 😉 I’m going to northern Germany in April, along with Netherlands & Belgium, but I don’t expect to make it over to Berlin actually. Maybe I’ll email you about it – I’m sure you could give me some great tips.

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