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According to Buddha

physical beauty
that comes from keeping up appearances
can only be maintained temporarily,
but beauty that takes
authenticity and sincerity as its foundation
is timeless and eternal.

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hb images - berlin - under - 6

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hb images - berlin - under - 2_

the story’s told
with facts and lies
i have a name
but nevermind


there’s truth that lives
and truth that dies
i don’t know which
so nevermind


walking around AlexanderplatzBerlin, Germany ~ September 2018

  1. Timeless wisdom, eternal beauty,
    thank you Hedy for this full moon magic

    • it was so beautiful I saw some glimpses of it in the middle in the night…but also many people photographed the moon…it was so amazing…sending joy and all magic ~ smiles hedy 🙂 💫

  2. There’s a gritty beauty to these, Hedy. I really like them. Cheers!

    • yes fun post editing them…I like some grittiness too…cheers back hoping you had a good teaching week…I’ve been a 👵🏻 with grandson this week…so so fun!

      • It was a good week. Some bitter cold cancelled classes one night but otherwise all was good. Cheers!

        • ahhhhh yes I’ve heard 🤓 stay warm I’m alway happy to know I have indoor heating…smiles from snowy but kinda mild -13 etown…at least for us ☺️🤓❄️❄️❄️

  3. I hope you have as much fun taking these photos as we do seeing them.

    • yes I really love composing images Mike…I love my little black box…I’ve gotten into Lr much more…also a place I’ve had fun playing…appreciate you saying you enjoy them ~ thank you kindly hedy ☺️✌️💫

      • There are all kinds of free Lightroom presets if you’re interested, some come with Lightroom and are a good starting point. Just Google it and before you download check which versions they work with.

        • Yes I have some Eric Kim and it’s great to see where the sliders are ….it’s fun to mess completely with it…I reset or use history often ☺️🤓

  4. Lovely images and words, Hedy.

  5. Hedy, that first photo, that first one; that is amazing. AMAZING.

  6. wonderful expression
    of the unseen 🙂

    • thank you kindly David…many walked on by…Berlin was visual overload for me…cool and different for me 🤓✌️ compose a happy weekend ~ smiles hedy

  7. Wonderful photos, Hedy, as well as wise Buddha words. I adore Leonard Cohen’s Nevermind. I hope all is well with you.

    • busy busy days with family and little one…all fun being 👵🏻✌️ I’ll come over a visit Cathy…I’m sure you’re off traveling somewhere wonderful…sending you joy…safe travels ~ hedy ☺️

  8. so true, Hedy. A wonderful story by words and photos. 😁👍🏼 It felt like watching this series of photos like a slideshow with an overlay of spoken words and music. Great. I like that. Smiles to you over the pond 👋😊😊😊

    • thank you kindly Markus…I appreciate you saying….LC is always amazing…and your Berlin post reminded to revisit images I had taken…it was such an adventure for me 🤓✌️ have a happy Saturday ~ smiles hedy

  9. Timeless and eternal .. great quote Miss Hedy .. and what a collection of shots! 😊

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