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According to Buddha

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence.

hedy bach images - joey's blu - 5

hedy bach images - joey's blu - 2

hedy bach images - joey's blu - 4

oh so wonderful…gotta see this again…


Joey’s Place, Edmonton AB ~ January 2019

  1. so cool, wow… …it’s fun to watch. Great work, Hedy 👍🏼 many smiles to you 😊😊😊

  2. beautiful fotos cousin <3

  3. Towards art.

  4. The small details your eyes and mind sees is simply amazing. Great captures Hedy.

    • thank you Terry…I really enjoyed this shop…also a very kind owner…I had a lot of fun ~ hop you’re having a adventurous Saturday ~ hedy ✌️☺️😊

  5. I see one leading motif in this post (Botwulf of Thorney+ chaos+ holism,+cars+ Astro Blues)= TRAVEL. Travel is often synonymous with disconnecting, checking out, and detaching from our daily lives so that when we return to our routine, we feel inspired, uplifted and energized to begin again.

    • I like to disconnect…I am ready to explore again Urban…I can imagine seeing new spaces and places…have a wonderful Saturday ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️

  6. Now you are giving me true abstract art – like paintings. I would hang any of them on my walls. Beautiful.

    • that lovely of you to say…I do like composing these as well…my grandson also assisted in choosing,,,he LOVES blue ☺️💫✌️ have a joyful weekend Alison

  7. The order of chaos. Nice shots!

  8. loving the blues

  9. I like these, Hedy, and I love the music!

  10. Striving on, striving on… 🙂

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