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According to Buddha

Instead of worrying about
the condition of our society,
we should turn worry into confidence
and give our love to the society.

hedy bach images - ct - bridge - 1_

hedy bach images - ct - bridge - 2_

hedy bach images - ct - bridge - 5-2

hedy bach images - ct - bridge - 3

hedy bach images - ct - bridge - 5

all i’ve got’s love for love city
all of her people are my people too
every color, every creed
together in good times, together in need
all i’ve got’s love for love city


walk along the Bow River ~ Calgary, Alberta ~ Peace Bridge ~ January 2019

  1. I just saw an image of the Peace Bridge on a Nat Geo set of photos in my on box. It’s a pretty bridge. Both images are really nice. Have a great week. Cheers

    • yes and thank apparently the peace bridge is highly photographed…and it was such a contested bridge…I really appreciate it…yes having a fast fast week….ahhhhhhhhh you know that feeling ~ smiles Chris have a happy day ~ ☺️ hedy

  2. “Instead of worrying…give our love”, the most sense I’ve heard this new year!

    • well worrying doesn’t help….yet I do worry…but far far less than ever…that’s the good thing about maturing…and giving love seems best to me 🤓❤️ have a fabulous and creative day Eddie ~ smiles hedy ✌️

  3. Excellent series, Hedy.

  4. Beautiful B&W captures! And also brings back memories from living in Calgary:)

    • hello Inger ☺️ yes it’s a lovely city…it is placed beautifully on the land…I’m there often and always enjoy my time 🤓 big hugs over the pond from cowtown ❤️😘

  5. Great captures and I like the Buddha’s words to give love to our society instead of worrying about it. Have a great day, Hedy!

    • thank you so much Cathy always appreciate your kind words and will come to write on your adventures and huge trek which sounds amazing…hoping your having a wonderful day as well…life is full here but fun! ☺️🤓✌️❤️

  6. “death comes ripping” ???
    love the last photo the most

    • yes…it felt sort of haunting once I went closer and read the message…life under bridges are fascinating spaces…always a tad eerie and my heart beats faster…thank you for saying your fav Buddy 🤓 smiles for a joyful day ~ hedy ☺️💫💫

  7. Beautiful Hedy!!!

  8. Beautiful black & white set, Hedy!

  9. Great words and wonderful photos. Have a great week Hedy.

  10. Great photos.

  11. Fabulous images, esp 1, 3, 5.

  12. you found my shoe

    • 😂😂😂 Gavin….it was a collection of personal things…I imagine a stolen knapsack…who knows maybe it is yours 🧐☺️ smiles from cowtown

  13. I agree. Great pictures.

  14. It looks worrisomely cold, but I see the love…..keep warm Hedy! It looks from the weather like you’re headed for some serious cold later this week. Maybe time for an indoor project? 😉

  15. Super quote! Great images Miss Hedy …

  16. A B&W tribute to the city. (Another city I don’t know! I really have to go to Canada one day!)

  17. I’ve always tired to keep this mantra alive and do this on a daily basis. I find it helps to think that everyone is working through there own things, even if it seems small compared to what you have been through. There is a reason for everyone’s actions and they don’t, always necessarily understand those reasons themselves 🙂

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