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According to Buddha

The love one receives is as great as the love that one gives.

hedy bach images - dog 8

hedy bach images - dog 2

hedy bach images - dog 12

hedy bach images - dog 10

hedy bach images - dog 14

come, come, my baby come
i will show you the world
come, come, my baby come
i will cover your nightmares
come, come, my baby come
i will love you forever
come, come, my baby come
i will not let you go


Buena Vista Dog Park _ Edmonton, Alberta ~ January 2019

  1. Running dogs…

  2. Happy pups. At first, I thought is was a sled dog race. Cheers

    • hmmmm funny I was remembering my mushing experiences and shared those stories this weekend with my mother…here is a warm Sunday afternoon playtime…have a great Tuesday ~ stay warm smiles hedy ☺️❄️💫🌞

  3. Very nice! Great series.

  4. Many are the instances where the Buddha took examples of animals to drive a point across.

  5. SO much joy–excellent pics! Pup smiles, happy tails, feet in the air and sticks too! Pups love us so well. <3

  6. and here i thought it was the beatles who said it. 😉

  7. wag, wag 🙂

  8. these dogs look so happy

  9. freedom to live, freedom to love!
    you captured it so well!
    live a delightful week!

  10. Perfect quote for these joyous photos of dogs, who give unconditionally and play with such abandon. I love the one two punch of #3 and then #4, that was brilliant, Hedy. Have a good week!

  11. 🐶🐕🐩🐩🐕🐶

  12. looks like a buncha fun for all involved !

  13. Although i am more a …catguy… 🙂 i like your playing in the snow dog series ! All the best, Jürgen

    • imagine the cats running in the snow and cold…I also love cats…all critters actually….thank Jürgen for your comment…compose a cat happy day ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️💫

  14. I take such joy in watching dogs being dogs, moving & responding by dog-code, not by please-the-human code…

    • yes I know what you mean Penny I have some captures of my 11 year old mutt…chasing/jumping/charing…her inner Poodle Shepard does emerge…she’s sweet but tough…this park has well socialized dogs in my experience…always joyful to me 🐶☺️

  15. So special! Wonderful images dear Hedy! 🙂👏

  16. The dogs assuredly have the most fun. 🙂

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