“Jumbo Jet” number

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According to Buddha

In the beginning we are all floating downstream. At some point we become aware that the currents are dragging us down and that we are no longer satisfied with the status quo of human.

hedy bach images - jet - 7

hedy bach images - jet - 3

hedy bach images - jet - 2

hedy bach images - jet - 5

hedy bach images - jet - 6

in the wormhole of your mind
in the black water fading


Ford Trimotor Float ~ Alberta Aviation Museum ~ February 2019

  1. And in the end we become part of the stream again.

  2. In Buddhist thought, flying is associated with our potential as human beings.

    • in my hedy head too 🤓☺️ I’d love to fly…I’d fly away to a different world ✌️😊😉 thank you for making these Buddhist connections Urban I appreciate them 🤓✌️

    • thank you kindly Terry…always amazed that humans got into these old planes…hope your travels are fun! smiles from fresh etown ☺️😊 have a wonderful weekend 😊

      • Yes they are old rattle cans for sure. My father was a belly turret gunner on a B-17 during WWII, I don’t know how he fit into that little plexiglass ball. I was inside one and boy they sure jostle a lot. Have a great weekend.

        • isn’t it all a wonder…but so nice to know your father’s stories and recognize our ancestors and all they did for us…such bravery 🤓 thanks for sharing Terry…compose a joyful and memorable day ~ smiles many! 😊😊😊

  3. fasten that
    seatbelt 🙂

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