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Ducati Desmoquattro IE racer model

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According to Buddha

Care about your children. Just bless them instead of worrying, as every child is the little Buddha who helps his parents to grow up.

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hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil


Three wise monkeys ~ grandson ~ February 2019

  1. It seems strange but children do contribute to our maturity.
    Wonderful photos of your handsome grandson.
    This is a marvelous day for a smile.

    • pure joy being with him…I feel blessed ☺️ and yes as beings we do hope to evolve…sometimes I do wonder about some beings though 🤔 👵🏻you know 😊 have a joyful day dear Eddie 😊

  2. You’ve got a handsome little guy there, Hedy. Have a great weekend. Cheers

    • well I’m biased 👵🏻😊 he’s a clever and fun being to be with…this week will be calm I imagine…but then 2019 has been filled many surprises Chris….have a happy day too ✌️☺️💫

  3. Children contribute to our own childishness

    • ☺️🤓 yes they do…I played a lot with cars and airplanes and paints and play dough this past week…reminded me of my early years as a early childhood educator…I often forget I’m old (er) 👵🏻😉😊 compose a fun day ~ smiles hedy 😊

  4. I love the idea is that every child is a little Buddha who helps his parents grow up. I wonder if that applies to adult children as well? 🙂

    • and yes it applies to me…I continue to learn from little beings…I really love little humans…they aren’t jaded…I believe they come tot us to teach us ‘something’…just need to stay open…compose a joyful day Cathy…☺️💫😊

  5. Lovely, playful pics, Hedy. Good fun having the little guy play along. Definitely agree with the sentiment that our children help us become more mature and better people. 🙂 Best wishes for bringing into being a wonderful week ahead.

    • yes I believe they come to us for a ‘reason’…

      together we agreed on creating this photo series…we faced his fear of “scary Buddha’s”…on a painting we have from Shanghai 🤓

      took me a few days tot figure out…having to piggy back him up and down the stairs needed to end 👵🏻😂 then he told me why 😂 I love little people…smiles Brett…have a creative day 😊✌️

  6. If the Buddha was around today I don’t think he’s be riding a Ducati. Probably a single cylinder thumper like the DR650 I used to have.

  7. looking so cheerful
    falling into
    line 🙂

    • he’s delightful, I’m biased I’m his ‘go go’ 👵🏻😊
      he agreed to me taking his photo
      together we faced his fear of a painting at the top of the stairs…one with ‘scary Buddhas’ …🤓 it was fun!

  8. Excellent post Hedy. Here is a bit of synchronicity from twitter. 😀

    As part of a Twitter conversation, I also used quotation & tweeted link to this post. 🙂

    • 😀 it was a meaningful coincidence Joseph…I also appreciate you making my twitter experience a ‘gentler and softer’ space…as a visual researcher twitter has always been a curious platform…draws out a wrath of intense emotional states 😌 …here on sloppy I feel mostly like me… 🤓☺️ have a creative day I’m been freezing flowers ❄️

      • The visuals & compressed text of Twitter make it a medium of poetic concentration. Such a medium conveys emotion & complex ideas through symbol & metaphor. That is why memes, haiku, micro-poetry & visual arts (photos, cartoon, animated GIFs paintings) form a large part of the media content.
        Unfortunately, those frustrated/emotionally damaged individuals will use such a medium to express their feelings, often directed at those they perceive to a threat to their self-esteem or the cause of their personal malaise.

        • I have and do express my feelings there Joseph…well I’m sure everywhere somehow 🤓😳…I’ve been known to smile/smirk and eye roll…🙃 but of course I understand what you are saying….have a poetic and creative day…love your works!

  9. These pictures are the perfect illustration of capa’s famous quote. “If the pictures aren’t good enough, you weren’t close enough.” Most people take that to mean distance. Nope. It’s emotional closeness. I like your art fine. As,. I do with most of your work. But, this is some of your best work yet. Emotional closeness. 🙂

    • humble thank you Ray ☺️…appreciate you saying 😊…it was a fast and agreed upon activity…together we looked them in Lightroom…he faced his fear of the ‘scary Buddhas”…being my grandson’s “go go” is a gift…I feel blessed to have him in my life…

      I will on practicing…this comment made me feel wonderful thank you again 😊

      • Being Gogo is very important. Honor that well. 🙃 Did he like looking at his pictures? I’m happy for you…

        • yes being his dutch grootje (go go) is what he says although he can pronounce the very old fashioned dutch grootje word which no one thought he could…but he can 🧒🤓 plus my family members disliked “grootje”…so i held on 👵🏻 😉 but now he calls me ‘go go’…which is fitting too those who know me ☺️

          …it was fun to upload the images and edit images together in Lr…I enjoyed negotiating with him…respecting his wishes.

          and yes my daughter said each night so far before bed he wants to look at the sloppy post 🤓 20x the first night 😳 as they listen to a choir that sings a “so hum”mantra and then they read the text “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”

          it’s hard living far away from them…I miss him/them…but who knows…their little family is now moving to Vancouver…so who knows 🤓 maybe we will follow…

          thank you Ray for your comments…I appreciated your comments on emotional closeness 🤓✌️💙 have a joyful day.

          • Negotiating with our little ones is what we do too, when it comes to pictures.

            However, my daughter is quite the photographer. She started taking pictures with one of my digital cameras. Seeing how much she liked that, we gave her Fuji X (like a polaroid) and she started using that. Somehow, in her toddler brain she figured out that since the camera took 90 seconds to produce a picture she should slow down and only take what she thinks are the best ones. From there, we scan them. At first, she sat on my lap and directed me. Now, she sits on my lap and does the entire process herself. We make big files and big prints. That said, she’s had two gallery shows and sold out both times. That keeps her in film and printing paper.

            I think you’d like Vancouver. Sooooo much good Chinese food. Real Chinese food from HK. It’s coastal . It’s urban.

            You can tell pictures that were made to be more than pictures. 🙂

          • our grandson also has a children’s camera…he figured it out in a few hours…fascinating to watch his mind and little fingers…you’re a proud father too…I can see you teaching and playing…it is a lot of fun…and for sure I think negotiating matters very much…for many reasons 🤓 smiles to you Ray have a creative day💫

          • I’m very proud of them. They are smarter, brighter, and learn quicker, than I ever could be and do. Some day I’ll tell you about the battle of yellow, which is the hardest color to print properly. My little one was driving herself crazy… I think she learned a little bit about making choices with that.

          • ☺️🤓 such a good feeling I know…it’s so lovely to witness (mostly)…all the transitions of composing chapters in our lives 👵🏻…I do struggle with the sizing ‘aspect ratio’ in sizing my images…numbers 🙄 and then sending an electronic copy out to be ‘printed’…and then receiving a ‘photograph’…it’s a different feeling in this creating process to me…a sort of missed piece for me…I’ve only printed about 10-12 images…so far…much to learn yet…also I often feel like cutting them up and composing pictures…and yes one day you can tell me more about yellow…🤓😊

          • Yes. I’m going through a “looking back” period right now. Luckily, I’m through my mistakes and more into funny or good things. For me, after my last birthday, it seems like a good thing to do.

            I think I understand your aspect ratio issues. Whether you were photographing for let’s say 20 years or not, we are all raised with 8×10, 11×14, 16×20 and so on. Digital camera sensors don’t see that way. They are more like 10×12, 11×16 and so on. It’s really an unneeded change in thinking. It catches all of us.

            To people like me, there is no photograph unless it’s printed on paper. The trick to know in the digital world is to know that what you see on the screen is translucent (you can see through it) and what you see on paper is opaque (you see reflected light). They can never really look the same. So, you adjust for it. You should add the papers specs which will get you closer.

            Go ahead and cut them up. That’s another genre of art. Some people make amazing images doing that.

            Yellow is the hardest color to reproduce. In general, it is an image brightener. Specifically, it leaches color from objects around it. So, it is very hard to make a “clean” yellow in a print. Usually, you compromise and live with it. My little four year old was getting really frustrated with that, to the point that all the other colors in her picture were getting shifted in her attempt to make yellow. I reset everything back to zero and suggested a big commercial printer’s trick that she could live with. I was her hero. For a minute. Nah. She’s a daddy’s girl. 🙂

          • 🤓 thanks for this…I have some plans…thoughts…I’m messing around with ideas…I do enjoy viewing prints…have a creative day Ray…thank you for your teachings ☺️✌️

  10. A lot of joy in these images, Hedy! Photographer and subject enjoying time together. 🥰

    • we’ve had some joyous times…being a grandparent is really amazing…can’t even put words to it…together we worked though his fear of the ‘scary buddhas’ in a painting from Shanghai at the top of the stairs…my back was done piggy backing and when he told me…it was a teachable moment to talk about buddha…in a sloppy way fo course ☺️🤓✌️ have a joyful day Mic 💫

  11. Les trois petits singes? What bright eyes. He looks very clever. Maybe he and his generation will finally manage to fix the world? 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Hedy.

  12. So fun, Hedy! I would have liked to have worried less about my son, but I’m a worrier and he gave me reason. I still do it! It’s hard not to, but maybe next time I catch myself I’ll just tell myself to bless him wholeheartedly and let the worry go.

    • we had so much fun Lynn…exhausted mentally from watching and playing…there is a reason one has babies young 🤓 he is a lot of fun…and happily they are moving to Vancouver…so a fun place to go an visit for sure ☺️ maybe even a move ✌️ happy days to you…have a creative one ❤️💫

      • Great news, to my mind! We could even meet….I’m only a few hours from Vancouver – just a quick trip north. Happy creative day(s) to you too….

        • yes once our daughter and family have moved…next couple of weeks…for sure I’ll be out there…so I’ll stay in touch…I’m also sending out my mantra 🤓 less ice…less -30 🙄 😉 they will live in White Rock…I have good memories of Vancouver…now I’m cooking gotta run I can smell something bad happening in the kitchen 😳😱😄

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