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According to Buddha

But think about it.  Ask yourself: Where was I before I was born? What am I in this world? When am I ever really ‘myself’? By reflecting on these questions, you may discover that each ‘self’ is but an illusion.

hedy bach images - frozen flower b-w - 4

hedy bach images - frozen flower b-w - 2

hedy bach images - frozen flower b-w - 6

hedy bach images - frozen flower b-w - 7

hedy bach images - frozen flower b-w - 5

hedy bach images - frozen flower b-w -1_

eyes without a face (les yeux sans visage)
eyes without a face, got no human grace your eyes without a face


frozen Gerbera ~ Etown ~ February 2019

  1. It’s obviously very cold in your part of the world. Stay warm, Hedy. Cheers!

    • I’m expired on the brutal cold…being inside with forced air (thank goodness) I’m ready to be outside…today we have some reprieve from winter…bright sun 🌞 hoping your teaching week is going well Chris ~ cheers and smiles your way ☺️✌️💫

  2. Thank you, Hedy.💛

  3. Its all a dream within a dream…

  4. i often do… all i have is myself…

  5. Some great black and white shots there and, OMG, I just wrote this on my FB page: “Who am I? I don’t know. So many faces. So many expressions. But who am I? Am I Peter? No, of course not. That’s just a name they gave me. A fiction. Peter Robinson is a fiction. I have no name. Whoever I am I am nameless. I just am. Peter Robinson is a passing cloud. Whereas I am always.”

    • humble thank you Peter…when I ask myself who I am? and who am I? they are different ☺️🤓 I am always too…but I am water in my hedy head…thanks for sharing your comments appreciated ☺️💫✌️ smiles

  6. Fantastic series, Hedy. I thought it was a frozen stream until I got to the end. What a surprise…and then it all made sense.

  7. Aspects of ‘life’ hidden yet visible with study and ‘deep’ observation.

    • yes my brain loves this photographing time…I take images til I can’t anymore ☺️ very fun for me Eddie…sending you smiles and joy 💫✌️

  8. Ice is a beautiful matter in the winter, deadly but beautiful

    • Ice 🤓 😱nyes deadly indeed Schibolet…we live in the land of coats and picks for our boots…today it less brutal and sun…compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️

      • Yes, Ice is a tricky thing, beautiful and deadly at the same time as said here we are having a record early spring and the water covers the ice on the lake while only the sand on the pavement remains as a memory of really slippery days 🙂

  9. These are gorgeous!

  10. yesss, so stunning images of frozen power… …wonderful work, Hedy! smiles over the pond 🙂 🙂

  11. Ice and flowers? Wonderful black and whites, Hedy. You never stop! 😉

    • I had a portfolio review and one reviewer suggested I ‘work’ more in black and white…so I’m trying that…it’s all practice and educative fun…I also like b/w very much…nice challenge for me too 🤓💫

      • I bet that was a very good experience, the portfolio review. B&W is a whole other animal, isn’t it? It took me a while to get into it and obviously I don’t do it as much as color but I think it’s a really good way to stretch those eyes & esthetic skills. 😉

        • yes it’s lovely to hear response to my work…and it was encouraging…I know I am a image-maker and working to connect it to my research background…I enjoy the arty part of my life very much…and for me some images feel better in colour….but I do see in shapes so the b/w is fun…doing some in camera stuff these days…later ☺️

  12. Beautiful

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