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According to Buddha

Gratitude is the world’s most beautiful language and the most genuine way for people to interact.

hedy bach images - Porto - b-w mem - 1

hedy bach images - Porto - b-w mem - 2

hedy bach images - Porto - b-w mem - 7

hedy bach images - Porto - b-w mem - 4

travelling the road,
last known is where i want to be


random streets (reflections of my photo walk with Primavera DeLima) Portofview in Porto Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. I love each one of these images!

  2. I always love your shots of European balcony clotheslines, Hedy. So evocative.

    • I love(d) Porto…I felt like a reflection from these fresh winter days…and 2x I froze my camera…so I took a reflective turn…always fun thank you Laurie for your comments 😊💫 have a creative day.

  3. nice pictures cousin <3

  4. Beautiful captures Hedy!!!

  5. These are beautiful photos, Hedy!

  6. i just love these Hedy. I’m glad you still have Europe photographs to show. The processing is perfect for them. And they’re great as a quartet….I like the angle of the 3rd one, in order for the gull to be “straight” the buildings are on a severe angle. Those leading lines and shapes in the first one….the happy face in the second, and wow, the sheets look like silk, don’t they? I know they’re not, but you know what I mean. And the final shot is composed so nicely, so much detail but all in order, visually.

    • I love/d my Portugal trip…I loved Porto…I think I could live there…and culling though them was enjoyable during our deep freeze…you must be getting excited to go away soon too! BIG smiles and thank you for your kindness…I appreciate your comments on my images 🤓 smiles!

      • Portugal was the first place my parents traveled to out of the country when they retired, and they loved it. My father sprained his ankle on a hike and a village resident fashioned a cane for him to use. So I have a good impression of Portugal and I’m glad to hear you confirm that, many years later. Smiles to you! Stay warm!

  7. Gorgeous photographs!

  8. wow, wonderful compositions. powerful and tender at the same time. You got an wonderful eye for that, Hedy. Many smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Again, an excellent series. My favorite is the first one, due to the interesting shadows.

  10. Such wonderful photos Miss Hedy … thank you! 🙂👏

    • thank you so much Julie for saying…smiles from sunny and fresh etown…hope you are enjoying your gardens ☺️😎💫

  11. Always thankful for your thoughtful photos!
    What a glorious day Hedy

  12. Gratitude. It’s the second time a blogger mentions the word this week. 🙂
    A word to ponder. I am grateful to many people.
    And to you for the thought provoking posts and great photos.
    Thank you.

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