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According to Buddha

Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true.

hedy bach images - b-w birch - 1_

hedy bach images - b-w birch - 3_

hedy bach images - b-w birch - 2_

hedy bach images - b-w birch - 4

better parted
i see people crying
truth gets harder
there’s no sense in lying
help me find a way from this maze
i can’t help myself


coldest February in 40 years ~ Etown, Alberta ~ February 2019

  1. Wow! Bundle up when you go out to make beautiful photos like these, Hedy. Cheers

    • oh yes Chris…my little black box has frozen up a few times this pass month…I can feel the sun is warmer and soon spring will be here..stay warm too…I’ve seen snowfall stories out east…I’m sure we’re all ready for spring time…I am ☺️😎

  2. Fantastic!

  3. Wonderful photos, Hedy!

  4. I love the way you can find a million ways to see a tree.
    Alison xo from India

    • oh wow…hope you and Don are having lots of adventures and fun…enjoy every moment…yes I love these birch trees…I do spend time in the woods near them and I do see them in millions of ways…yesterday I shot 4×4 and b/w…in camera…all different to me again…I love my little black box 🤓💫☺️ hugs safe travels ❤️

  5. Wonderful quote for a Sunday morning as well as beautiful photos!

    • it’s been beautifully sunny so bright but cold…the end is coming I can feel it…I’m ready for some warmth David…have a wonderful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫😎

  6. Kindness feeds; truth is but the favourite weapon of legalists.

    • I reminded of a song from Ani DiFranco…I’m sure you know of her…thank you always appreciate your thoughtful comments Sha’Tara ☺️✌️
      My IQ
      Every tool is a weapon – if you hold it right.

  7. Lovely!

  8. Kindness. Always.

    • ☺️ kindness…being friendly, generous, and considerate…are always possible…always…at all times…staying open hearted…I try my best ☺️✌️ have a beautiful day Chris ~ smiles hedy 😊

  9. Something to think about, thanks!

  10. beautiful.

  11. Oh yes!

  12. Oh, brrrrrrrrrrrrr…… but lots of beauty. Hang in there Hedy! Maybe it’s time for a quick trip over to Vancouver? At least it would be a good deal warmer.

    • I’m planning to assist in the move over the mountains so that will be fun…once I’m there I might not want to return to etown…I imagine some exciting changes happening…I’m expired here in etown ☺️🤓💫

  13. 700 hundred rabbits and change?! Ça fait beaucoup de lapins.
    Nice post. Stay warm.

    • it’s started I think we will have a warmer week…yesterday afternoon it broke…hooray now march melt ☺️😎💫

      Dans cette histoire aux rebondissements étonnants, une princesse aimée de tous se consacre tout entière au soin de son clapier et de ses… 752 lapins!
      Un jour, l’un d’entre eux s’échappe et la princesse, qui en a encore 751 mais qui
      « aimait chacun d’entre eux aussi fort que s’il était son seul lapin », a le coeur brisé.
      Retrouvera-t-elle son 752e lapin? ☺️🐰

  14. I remember the first time i heard this song from talk talk where i was thanks for the memory Hedy 😊

  15. Stunning shots

  16. Wonderful quote .. and such a super snowy collection Miss Hedy 🙂👏

    • we had a snowfall Friday and now some warming soon BIG puddles I imagine spring will arrive ☺️🌷🌞 it is still winter 💙

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