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According to Buddha

To forgive others is, in fact, being kind to ourselves.

hedy bach images - dead tulip - bw 2

hedy bach images - dead tulip - bw 5

hedy bach images - dead tulip - bw 1

é um belo horizonte, é uma febre terça
são as águas de março fechando o verão
é a promessa de vida no teu coração


dying tulips in my artroom ~ Etown ~ March 2019

  1. A very true statement. People who behave that way make the world a better place. Take care, Hedy.

    Neil Scheinin

    • yes Neil…it feels so much better…forgiveness is work..and letting down the armour is/has been hard work, for me…have a lovely day ~ many smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

  2. Letting go of bitter anger is always best. The anger doesn’t harm the perpetrator (unless one becomes violent in response)…only you. It can be difficult. Many become comfortable with their anger and hold onto it like trophy.

    • feels more like having cement feet…releasing does feel good…some holding on is ok for me…those reflective turns and then move on…submerge but surface I say to myself ☺️🤓 thank you for saying Hinoeuma. ~ compose a joyful day ~ smiles hedy 😁

  3. True Hedy, have a nice day!!!

  4. superb tulip study

  5. Forgiveness is being kind to ourselves… I just posted a short story on my blog about a different kind of forgiveness… 🙂 Beautiful images again.

    • Thank you kindly Sha’Tara…appreciated and yes wonderful connections and different ways we forgive 🤓 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

  6. Yes, yes, yes!
    Yes, to these amazing photos, love B&W, love nature!
    Yes to forgiveness, yourself, so very important!!! others too!
    and finally yes to you! an incredible post Hedy.
    This is the day, everyone learns to love each other!

  7. Wonderful composition in the first photo, Hedy! Keep thinking hot thoughts….

  8. Lovely shots, the shadows are fantastic.

    • I has a lot of fun using the sun in my art room over 3 days…I learned a lot 🤓 thank you for saying Steve I appreciate your comments ☺️ smiles hedy

  9. it so easy
    to forgive
    you, hedy 🙂

  10. 😉
    have a relaxing day David😄

  11. These tulips forgive and give and give until they are gone. It is this that inspires me most in nature, that the giving is completed until the very end, until has turned inside-out, and given life to something else…


    • Yes that’s a lovely way to see them I was intentional in waiting for them to lose their stamina ☺️🤓💫🌸 have a peaceful day Micheal

  12. Yes. Great idea and photos.

  13. Shadows, shadows… They are a key element in photography and drawing. I just remembered how shadows “eluded” me years ago while drawing. They don’t come naturally. Weird. need to work on that. 🙂
    Unless they’re cut those tulips are not dying. Just shedding their petals. 🙂
    March 21st is around the corner. So will be the light.

  14. … E pao é pedra, é o fim do camino.
    Sao as aguas de março fechando Verao…
    A beautiful song. Over there, summer is slipping away.

  15. And thank you, obrigado for this link to a fantastic moment with regina and Jobim…
    (’74’ Hmmm. My Brazilian years…) 😉

  16. Thanks for posting this. Peaceful wisdom and inspiring photos.

  17. Wonderful images Hedy. . And a special quote … thanks for sharing 🙂

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