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According to Buddha

Love with expectation would never last. Last love must be intangible, pure and unconditional.

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that night in toronto
with its checkerboard floors
riding on horseback
and keeping order restored
’til the men they couldn’t hang
stepped to the mic and sang
and their voices rang with that aryan twang


horses at Free Rein Ranch ~ Lamont Alberta ~ March 2019

  1. Amazing how you created closeness here. I feel like I could almost touch the horses.

  2. Horses are fun to photograph. Most of them like to get up close to the camera.

  3. Thanks for that.

  4. You know, this is a wonderful perspective. Horses always seem to be framed from afar. I hope that it’s warming up there, Hedy. Cheers!

    • it was delightful and horses are always a great way to cheer up 🐴💙💫 they are magic to me…and yesterday the weather broke and warmth is arriving…thank you Chris and I hope you have a happy and productive week…enjoy ✌️

  5. Horses are amazing. Up close, the human eye moves to so many different things about their face than they do when we are staring at them through a picture…except here. You manage to capture some of that, and it’s the first time I’ve seen that done. Bravo.

    • Gregory I agree…powerful and meaningful critters for me in my life and dreamlike…thank you kindly for your comments ☺️💫🐴💙 smiles hedy 😄

  6. Wonderful horse shots so many different angles!

  7. What a joy to behold such noble and curious beings. Thank you, Hedy!

  8. I think the horses were having as good a time as you were capturing them with your camera.

    • ☺️🐴 they are wonderful Terry…I’d love to return 🤓 lots of opportunities to practice more….have a good week…☀️

  9. They look like they enjoyed your company and posing for the camera. Thanks for capturing these beautiful animals and sharing with us, Hedy 💕

  10. You had a great rapport with these horses, Hedy. They are obviously comfortable with you and your POV is perfect to convey closeness. Beautiful post.

    • Thanks so much for saying Jane and yes these horses are very social 🐴 they are new to me but I LOVE horses and enjoy their company 💫 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles Hedy

  11. i don’t know Hedy, sure looks like tangible love to me! Marvelous horsing around! It feels like you really know them.

    • The experience was fun…the stallions play with a ball and the woman who trains them has a beautiful energy…I hope to see her again…I need to practice the indoors…albeit a tad tough with my little black box I know I could ☺️💫🤓 your anticipation must be building as you leave soon ☺️ sending you joy Lynn

  12. i’m a huge fan of horses

  13. A companion blog post that partners well with this one.

    • Thank you Joseph for introducing me to David’s blood ☺️🤓 beautiful horses 💙 have a creative day ~ smiles and joy to you ☺️💫

  14. We can feel the breath of the horses.
    Beautiful animals and pictures.

    • oh yes they was so friendly…it was fun to be close and smell them too…I love them ☺️💙🐴 have a wonderful day Alex ❤️

  15. Horses are tough cookies. They can take the coldest weather without a blink. 🙂
    Nice shots.

  16. Hey Miss Hedy … what a gorgeous collection .. I’m a horse fan! And these are a loving lot 😍

    • yes Julie it is one of the critters I enjoy photographing…I love their eyes and noses…and manes…well everything actually…even the smell on my gloves after coming home….all fun…I also hope to return and practice some more 🤓☺️🐴 enjoy your garden are you harvesting now? we are at last emerging from the deep freeze feels so good 🌞❤️✌️

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