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According to Buddha

We really ought to have confidence in human beings. Although humans have damaged the environment, we must be confident that humans can also save the Earth. I hope people with the same vision can join together to raise the awareness of environmental protection and save the Earth.

hedy bach - protest 2

hedy bach - protest 6

hedy bach - protest 3

hedy bach - protest 5

hedy bach - protest 8-2

hedy bach - protest 1

hedy bach - protest 7

kuuk quaqqat


Student Strike YEG ~ Edmonton Alberta ~ March 2019

  1. Nice set of images Hedy. I like you did them in BW. Protests make for interesting photos. I hope it’s warming up there.

    • Thanks kindly Chris ☺️ it was wonderful to see children and youth out and hearing them speak with open hearts 🤓👌 yes we are warming hooray ☀️☀️☀️💫

  2. Fabulous, heroic images!

  3. Wonderful all around, Hedy! Also appreciate the throat singing of the Jerry Cans.

  4. These very incredible photos display ‘hope’, so well,
    that when present, can change the world.

    • The march was wonderful many caring children, youth and adults I felt filled with hope…I believe we can do better…we need Albertans to ‘think’ and imagine out of the box….it is possible ☺️💫🤓 sending you joy Eddie 🤗

  5. Great documentation, Hedy.

  6. reminds me of my active protest days.

    but why is the title about a paint company?? 😉

  7. makes me happy seeing
    some who will go out
    in the cold to show
    they care 🙂

    • I felt happy, curious and I always wonder…so much to make sense of…the young people were articulate speakers and I always feel hopeful with youth and younger ppl…there are many humans here in Alberta who contest climate, pipelines, air pollution, animal rights…I enjoyed listening to the ideas of possibilities that they shared…nuclear power was interesting to hear about Nuclear power generation…plant power…Artificial Intelligence…etc…possibilities of seeing a resource based province such as ours differently…we will see soon we have elections here and again my hope remains with the youth here…it wasn’t so cold for us David 🤓 youth in shorts and bare legs 😳😂 it was fun for me ☺️

  8. Human interactions with the environment do not necessarily affect future trends in both environmental quality and human well-being. It just saddens me that the hard core environmentalists see no other way to save the environment then to destroy the economy instead of propagating a transition towards a more human orientated, decentralized and durable economy. This risks to become a clash between the “have”and the “have nothing” with a very predictable outcome.

    • Yes it is the words ‘not necessarily’ yet necessarily troubling for me Urban and also I don’t know 🤓 but I do know we need to imagine possibilities of what might be…and yes the have and have not is already an outcome…I do feel hope with our youth…these are all contested issues and I witness extremes on both sides…🤓 I appreciate what you say here Urban ~ smiles Hedy

  9. All the people sitting on a quiet chair
    but i say stand up and let’s share
    don’t you dare to touch my earth
    i know who i am and I know am worth

    • yes those arm chairs…

      thank you Leegschrift beautiful words ☺️✌️💫

      compose a beautiful writing day ~ smiles hedy 😄

  10. Hope, earth and beauty.
    Nice pictures.

    • yes hope and action and imagine possibilities in a resource based province it hard work…it was a good experience Alex ☺️🤓 have a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 💫☺️

  11. impressing and powerful images, Hedy. wow… ….powerful and solidarity smiles over the pond

    • thank you Markus…I always enjoy these experiences and seeing some people I know…albeit I’ve been told I hang out with ‘eco terrorists’ 😳things are in a turmoil here in Alberta…endless, naming, shaming and blaming (which never works)…we seem to lack the imagination for other possibilities which I know is difficult in a resource based province…my hope is with our youth 🤓✌️☺️

  12. I do agree about the earth. Wholeheartedly. And when I see the rubbish everywhere my heart sinks. I think about my African sea, frowning in plastic. Or my Nairobi when there were no giant slums. But. If I may? I am more concerned about saving (hu)man(un)kind right now. ‘coz the course is set to at each others’ throats again, and once and for all. If that can be avoided, then we’ll work on the rest. (If I may be so bold)

    • I need less noise and soft voices to Brian…humans can be disappointing but we each do our work and perhaps, I believe we can make change for a gentler and kinder world…🤓✌️

      • True. It is important to still believe. 🙂 despite all evidence. 😉 I always tell young people to work for hard to change the world because our generation has failed miserably. 😉
        But still, I am getting close to write what I have been wanting to write for a while. Maybe that can contribute. Take care Hedy.

  13. Wonderful images Miss Hedy … praise for these people who care

    • thanks kindly Julie…and yes praise for these people who care…I believe we are many 🤓☺️…have a beautiful day ~ smiles and joy down south ❤️

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