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According to Buddha

Compassion is not about kindness. Compassion is about awareness. Compassion in the general sense of kindness would be an expression of awareness, but one that might not necessarily be free from the stain of ego-grasping. Genuine compassion is egoless. 

hedy bach images - teacup - 4

hedy bach images - teacup - 1

hedy bach images - teacup - 2-3

hedy bach images - teacup - 3

oh how i love my tea
tea in the afternoon
i can’t do without it
and i think i’ll have
another cup very soon


afternoon tea ~ Edmonton AB ~ March 2019

  1. These are beautiful photos with a moody atmosphere. They have a bit of a wabi-sabi vibe going on. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    • Thank you kindly Michael…a bit of a wabi-sabi vibe I love that…hope you have a creative day…I love your drawings enjoy! 🤓☺️ smiles hedy

  2. I need a cup of tea now. Nice atmosphere.

  3. very spring-like
    that cup
    of tea 🙂

    • yes spring has sprung David 🌞😄 well it has a bit to go yet in etown…it was long harsh winter to me…but spring always returns🌷

  4. So simple yet so strong, these images. Very very nice!

    • thank you kindly Peter perhaps you see my Dutch connections with the books of my grandfather…I hope you are having a very nice day too ☺️🤓✌️🌷

  5. wonderful and touching series of photos, Hedy. Especially the one with the cup. 🙂

    • thank you Markus I enjoyed composing them…hoping all is well…I’ve been away but now I’ll come by to visit Point Blank ☺️🤓💫

  6. I really enjoy the first and last captures.

    • my grandfathers books from the Netherlands I love they way they look and feel too Terry…thank you for saying…ps. the flower image was selected for a flower photo exhibition so that made me happy too 🌷😄

  7. Thistle tea cups … the delicacy beautifully captured. Hope you enjoyed your cuppa Hedy 💛

    • I had fun playing with my camera and features I hadn’t explored yet…and I do love lavender tea too ❤️ thank you kindly Val 💫

  8. loving the old books

  9. I like this atmosphere, Hedy. Especially that first photo – wow, you brought every bit of wear and tear to the forefront, and it looks so good.

    • it was book shelf cleaning…and I needed to tap some life into the books according to Marie Kondo…so I read and photographed along the way while I cleaned and culled…also shot in 1×1 and b/w in camera really fun too…the little black is much fun ☺️🤓 soon you leave…I return to Etown today our daughters move went seamlessly…it’s so nice to see the sea ☺️ you must be packing Lynn 💫 smiles hedy

      • 🙂 Well, the post brought me joy so let’s keep it. 😉
        I haven’t changed the size/format in the camera in so long – I always find a square format uncomfortable for shooting or processing, so I should do that, it would be fun.
        We’re in the gathering stage, not the packing one. :-). How great that the move went smoothly, and you got to see big water. I was reading about blue zones, where people are healthiest, and of course diet plays a big part, but they also said living near any large body of water may promote longevity. I had just walked along a beach and was calmed, so that made sense. So the next day (yesterday) I went walking along another big water, a bay with islands, and was rejuvenated. You have your river – smiles to you too!

        • I’m trying hard (er) to work in camera…and yes I’ve enjoyed changing some little buttons on my black box…sending joy for a creative day Lynn…yes I did a sea post for Wednesday it is hard returning to the ‘ugly’ of etown…but of course there is beauty here too…but so much visual chaos…I will put a mantra out to world…☺️🌞🤓

  10. Old books are like time travelers, aren’t they? Like smoke bottled from an ancient fire. There is something enticing about them for me. I suppose it is the suggestion of something timeless…


    • agree Michael these have traveled over the pond…they have a life…memories of my grandfather who I did not know…I have a little plan to use them…just need time…so much to do yet! have a happy wiring day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  11. Ah so these books were your grandfathers .. so special. Wonderful images Miss Hedy. I have an old dictionary that I think used to belong to my grandmother .. used many many times .. 🙂

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