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According to Buddha

Everything inside and around us wants to reflect itself in us. We don’t have to go anywhere to obtain the truth. We only need to be still and things will reveal themselves in the clear water of your heart.

hedy bach images - Glória - i

hedy bach images - Glória - f

hedy bach images - Glória - g

hedy bach images - Glória - c-2

we float on the river of time
hold steady, hold steady
the sea comes, calls the summer
forced out the cold
don’t follow the change of the tides
hold steady, hold steady


Dom Fernando II e Glória ~ Lisboa ~ April 2018

  1. Nice collection of images here, Hedy. A local well drilling company put an old rig out on display. I hope I can capture its character in a similar way. Cheers

    • go and have a fun and creative day Chris…I will drop by ‘Milfordstreet’…rigs are also fascinating to photograph 🤓 smiles hedy ✌️

  2. Fantastic images, Hedy.

  3. Wonderful images! Have a great day.

    • thank you kindly Michael a reflective turn from last April…and my love of Portugal…hope you have a creative day too ☺️🤓💫

  4. I was struck by the way in which the ropes in the initial photo looked like hands to me. As if the ladder were consciously hanging on, to offer its way forward. This theme continued for me and I soon found myself in a lovely reflection of how we are each linked to each, by knots that are always unique, and ever unfolding. Lovely images, as always, Hedy. Thank you for the inspirations…


    • I saw/felt that too…I love boats/ships…and water…thanks kindly for your comments Michael…I appreciate your thoughtful words. Thank you ~ sending you joy hedy ☺️❤️✌️💫

  5. Great captures Hedy!!!

  6. Nice perspectives.

  7. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You make such interesting images out of details. All wonderful, but for me especially the second one.
    Alison xo

  9. i’m feeling more
    tied to the dock 🙂

    • I can’t imagine being on the ocean for months in these tiny spaces…but I also feel a connection to ships…maybe a past life memory as I love all the details and I can imagine stories too 🤓💫 now I have that song Otis song in my mind 🤗 have a joyful day David!

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