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According to Buddha

Untouched, undisturbed, This life is perfect just as it is, But still I try to change the world.

hedy bach images - white rock - 8

hedy bach images - white rock - 6

hedy bach images - white rock - 11

hedy bach images - white rock - 15

hedy bach images - white rock - 16

hedy bach images - white rock - 14

i’m underwater engulfed by waves of emotion


Semiahmoo Bay ~ White Rock, British Columbia ~ March 2019

  1. Inspiring, as always <3

  2. Wonderful photos of a beautiful place, I always enjoy your posts.

    • Humble thank you Michael…yes it is a beautiful space in Canada…it will be a lot of fun to visit…☺️🤓 have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  3. So beautiful Hedy!!!

  4. stunning photos

    • ☺️🙃🙂 thanks kindly Gavin always appreciate your comments…hoping you’re having a happy day ~ smiles to you ☺️🙃✌️

  5. lovely!

  6. The busy life moves many to change this or that,
    avoiding themselves as much as possible.

    • yes I understand what you are saying Eddie….those ‘should’ (ers) 🙄😄🤓 sending you joy for a creative day ~ smiles hedy 😄

  7. It certainly does look perfect as it is!

  8. Lovely landscape.

  9. What a great batch of photos! Thank you for sharing!

    • thanks kindly Onemillionphotographs ☺️ yes that batch feeling almost like a toasty cookies 😄🌞☺️✌️ have a fun Sunday ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  10. I’ve been travelling so now I’m catching up.
    Beautiful images – low tide serenity, just like at Spanish Banks here in Van.

    • welcome back Alison and Don…I imagine an amazing adventure from what I could see on IG 🤓💫 yes our daughter and family have now moved to White Rock…so when I go to visit I’ll have to drop you a line ☺️ we have family and friends in Vancouver so I’m excited they were transferred there ☺️ I love the sea 💙 have fun with your photos…look forward to your posts!

  11. Ah Miss Hedy … these shots are quite simply awesome! I’m a cloud girl .. I could stare at these all day 😃

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