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According to Buddha

Being grateful to our parents is the foundation of being a decent person. We exist because of our parents. Our mothers suffered a great deal during pregnancy and while giving birth, much like the earth having to endure much ordeal as plants grow out of the ground.

hedy bach images - Star AB - 7

hedy bach images - Star AB - 4

hedy bach images - Star AB - 5

hedy bach images - Star AB - 1-2

hedy bach images - Star AB - 66

hedy bach images - Star AB - 2

turn it up, turn it up
turn up your radio loud
don’t forget where you come from
it’s too soon to be proud

remember when
we… were… young
remember when
we… were… young


a morning walk in Star, Alberta ~ March 2019

  1. Great photos, Hedy. And I love Brett Dennen. 🙂

  2. Wonderful captures of this small town.

    • thanks kindly Terry…I’ve never been to this hamlet…they are very quiet…no humans out ☺️💫 have a happy day ~ Smiles Hedy 😄

  3. My kinda place.

  4. Strange that you combine this quote with pictures of an Ukrainian neighborhood where everyone had firmly turned away from their roots in order to start over their liives from scratch. If I judge these pictures well, even the sense of compatriotism has faded away as the next generations didn’t have to deal with the language barriers anymore and flew out to never been seen again.

    • well maybe☺️’strange’ is really my super power Urban 😉…I don’t know but I do wonder about second and third generations of humans who live/ed in these villages…I don’t know much about Ukrainian immigration…I know my Dutch story…this sense of compatriotism has faded away…sadly…I think there are many places like this in Alberta…with the hope that humans/plants will still flourish…have a thoughtful day…always appreciate your comments ~ Smiles Hedy ☺️💫

  5. You and the Buddha are right.
    We shouldn’t forget where we’re from and we should never forget to be thankful. 😉

  6. Nice photos.

  7. funny, i come
    from a run down place,
    but don’t remember
    it that way 🙂

    • I can imagine these hamlets when they were first built…I think of my girlhood stories and memories of so much snow…always a wonder how we store our memories and what images and imaginings return…compose a fun day David ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  8. Turn it up etc reminded me of a great song by Van the man!

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