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Berkshire’s Nickel Plate Road number

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According to Buddha

Before speaking, notice what motivates your words.

hedy bach images - Schwartz - 1

hedy bach images - Schwartz - 2

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i’m leaving the table
i’m out of the game
i don’t know the people
in your picture frame


Schwartz’s Deli Montréal QC ~ April 2019

  1. Vale LC. A truly awesome talent.

    But as for the ‘Buddha quote’, I prefer to acknowledge I don’t really know what motivates me than imagine I’ve ‘noticed’ it. Free will vs determinism; unconscious drives, self-delusion and post-facto justification; the infinitely tangled mess of cause and effect (karma and vipaka) … it’s all way too much for the likes of me. I’d rather plead ignorance (avidya).

    • well I’ve had my nose in the works of Lama Surya Das these past weeks…haven’t read any Vale LC 🤓 so thanks kindly for the connection Cabrogal appreciated 💫 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😄

      • ‘Vale LC’ was my bow to Leonard Cohen.

      • If you’re into puzzles, here’s one for you.

        How does this song link Surya Das to Leonard Cohen?

        • hmmmmm perhaps…Tin soldiers and Nixon’s comin’….spin this into 2019…I don’t know…we are in strange times…I imagine a different world…for now sleep is my best meditation 🤓✌️💫

          • If you need a clue blame Canada.
            If you just want the answer, say so and I’ll stop teasing.

          • We have creative musicians 🧐 I give Neurodrooling just say 🤓 🤪

          • Of course the sangha is a more direct link between Cohen and Surya Das, but that’s kinda mundane.

          • ☺️🤓👍 thanks for this 😃

          • You’re on the right track.

            Cohen and Young are both Canadian musicians who got huge after moving to the US.
            Jeff Miller started his journey to becoming Surya Das after a friend was killed in the Kent State shootings.

            (BTW, Young was in the US illegally when he wrote ‘Ohio’. If that happened now they’d ICE his arse and deport him. So yeah, a different world.)

          • Yes the Nixon can be changed to 45 😱

          • I forgot to mention the oddest part of the connection. At the time of the shootings Surya Das was named Jeffrey Miller. One of the shooting victims was also named Jeffrey Miller.

          • I had no idea I will read more now 🤓 such a connected world…thanks you telling me I appreciate it ☺️

          • Which brings us back to my original comment about the tangled mess of cause and effect.

            There is no why.

          • I agree chaos and mess…’There is no why. Because … everything.”

            we live in exciting times 🧐🤓✌️ thanks again for the connections!

  2. Great set of images!

  3. nice street
    using a little
    point & shoot? 🙂

    • so fun for me ☺️🤓 currently I’m using a fuji100Xs … my little black box…I love it David 😄 have a happy day🌞

  4. You’re in Montreal! One of my fave cities. These photos, so carefully and thoughtfully framed – I love the way you capture the light.

    • so fun to be away for a bit…and yes Montreal is a beautiful city indeed…and thank you kindly for your words Alison I appreciate you saying…have a happy day ☺️🌞

  5. I like Montreal. Nices pictures.

    • me too Alex…it has beautiful architecture as well…thank you for saying I appreciate your j=kind comments 🤓 compose a happy day ~ sending you joy 💫❤️

  6. I heard they have the best smoke meat in Montréal,i never been there,this looks like a reason to try them lol…have a great day Hedy 😉

  7. Lovely pictures. As a series, they almost are like a story board for a film.

  8. I’m impressed by the images, Hedy, again. So close and tangible. Impressing! Smiles to you 🙂

    • yes I know ppl saw me there but the fuji is so little and quiet…it was a fun lunch Markus…smiles back to you too ☺️✌️💫

  9. I love how you switch from one atmosphere to the other, from orchids in B&W to a warm sepia Deli. It’s like jumping from one time-space continuum to the other. 🙂
    Dankje Hedy

  10. And on the Buddha quote, here is one from my grandmother: before speaking count your ears: two; your mouth: one; then think how much you should listen vs speak?

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