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According to Buddha

It is usually a mistake to believe that any opinion or situation is objectively good or bad, since everything depends on the perspective of the viewer.

hedy bach images - Montreal protest - 1

hedy bach images - Montreal protest - 2

hedy bach images - Montreal protest - 3

hedy bach images - Montreal protest - 4

hedy bach images - Montreal protest - 5

every one needs a hand to hold on to
every one needs a hand to hold on to
don’t need to be no strong hand
don’t need to be no rich hand
every one just needs a hand to hold on to


Bill 21 rally ~ Montréal, QC ~ April 2019

  1. It is obvious that human beings are not alone on this planet. We share Earth and its resources
    with others. Love and compassion for self and others is a necessary requirement for all systems to function properly.
    These excellent photos illustrate our need for functions and systems to work, anywhere and everywhere on the globe.

  2. wonderful expression
    of coming together
    for a better world 🙂

  3. The Mellencamp lyrics fit well with these wonderful captures.

  4. Wonderful series, Hedy.

    • humble thank you Rabirius I enjoy the energy of humans in these sorts of settings…lots of rallies and protests these days 🧐✌️💫

  5. Strong photographs!

  6. Perspective indeed. What is Bill 21 about?

  7. You’re a really good photographer.

    • Humble thank you Peter…I’ve been labelling my self as an image-maker…the box of being a photographer is well defined…I’m always becoming…it’s all practice…and most of all fun for me…as I work to make stronger compositions…I also told myself it will be 10 years…I started with intention in 2011…so I’ll see…yesterday I was called a ‘creative’ and that my work is ‘dope’ 🙃🙂 always fun and funny…have a painterly day ~ ✌️☺️

  8. I love that bird’s eye view! Montreal – I went there a few times way back in the 70’s and I loved it. I hope it’s still wonderful.
    Trying to catch up with all that you’ve been busy with in past weeks…

    • no worries it’s here…just doing my 2 weekly posts…but yes being in Montréal was so fun…it’s a beautiful city for sure…have a joyful day Lynn 💛💫

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