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According to Buddha

We are connected like one big family.
Therefore, love each other
during peaceful times
and help each other
when calamities strike.

hedy bach images - forest - 2

hedy bach images - forest - 1_

hedy bach images - forest - 3

ombra mai fu
di vegetabile,
cara ed amabile,
soave più
ombra mai fu
di vegetabile,
cara ed amabile,
soave più


walk in the woods ~ Semiahmoo Bay ~ White Rock, British Columbia ~ March 2019

  1. Wow. These are beautiful trees. Was this an early walk or a sunset walk?

    • yes the west coast has ‘real’ trees not like ones here in Etown ours here feel so new and sparse…I took these fotos mid afternoon actually Chris…went on a foto walk with our grandson and his camera…he loves the woods too ☺️💫 have a peaceful and relaxing day ~ smiles hedy 😄

  2. Yes, we are a big family. Amazing trees.

    • yes they are Alex…I will return to the west coast and capture more I’m sure…it’s a beautiful place in Canada for sure ☺️💫 have a wonderful day ~ smiles hedy ✌️💫☺️

  3. feels supportive
    of bring all things
    big & small
    together 🙂

  4. Great quote and photos!

  5. Tree-mendos !

    • they are so beautiful for sure Gavin ☺️🤓the woods feel very real on the west coast 🤓 have a snappy day ~ smiles hedy

  6. Touching and beautiful words and photos, all with meaning that sparks the heart

  7. Fantastic!

  8. Stunning Hedy!!!

  9. Soave più… 🙂
    I envy those of you who have Nature so close at hand… (Winter notwithstanding)
    Sometimes the city stifles me.

    • I have gratitude for living here…there is much beauty…there is also much banality…a lack of follow through…but then action is always the toughest piece…etown is not stifling at all…of course there are stifling aspects here…this week our province has been referred to as “Hellberta”…ahhhhhhhhh changes…so many always 🤓

      • Hellberta? Why would that be?
        Beauty can be banal. It’s just a matter of seeing it.

        • the nature is always beautiful…the city well…it’s hmmmmmm sort of visual chaos…but of course always some beauty in between 🤓 yes it’s Hellberta…new politics here…alt right…and they are all about oil…even though many may not want Alberta’s diluted bitumen threatening their land and water…we’ll see what happens…🧐🤓

          • Visual chaos? Show us more. 🙂
            Politics? Well, they are getting worse the world over. “Grrreed is the main problem” a Scotsman told me once. I think he was verrry rrright.

          • I always wonder how we continue conversations when we say “greed”…or “power and control”…actually politics seem pathetic these days…ahhhhh show more etown chaos…I will need to do more street photography here then…okay I’ll work on that..I will make it look beautiful 🙂🙃🤗 smiles Brian! ☺️

          • I know, I know. And believe me politics are pathetic everywhere. My concern is when they clearly lead to bankrupcy… More often than not.
            Enough of that. Look forward to steet photography. As the streets are. (I know your eyes will make them beautiful) Smiles back

          • 😌 yup…I’m not sure about the chaos here…I am plotting an idea we’ll see…I try with intention to avoid it….anyways looks like a rain cloud will wash over us and at last a hint of neon green is appearing here…BIG hugs Brian ~ sending you joy ☺️💫✌️

          • Thank you and back Hedy.
            Look forward to your idea in plotting.

          • ☺️🧐☺️

          • trying my best ☺️

  10. (Glad you can teach the trees to your grandson…)

    • he starts “Forest School” in the fall…entire curriculum is outdoors…he is excited to begin 😆…hope you have some time with your loved ones…little ones are the best to me 🤗

      • Forrest school? Wow. That sounds fantastic. To me Forrest school were my summers in Normandy, around 8-10 and plus. Exploring the woods near the house. We would disappear from breakfast till around 6. With a sandwich. And roam the woods, or take our bikes and ride on the country roads… (“Take me home country roads”).
        Yes the little ones are magic.

  11. What can I say Miss Hedy … these are fabulous! Wish I could reach in and touch them. Wonderful images my friend 👏💫

    • Thank you kindly dear Julie they are so beautiful 😍 always appreciate your kindness sending you hugs and joy ☺️💫💛

  12. I like this woodland connection….it’s a happy one….

    • yes I also love the woods and the green…starting to see little pops here and there…I love spring 🌼💛🙃🙂

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