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According to Buddha

Seekers inevitably want to get a better handle on life; we want to figure things out. We know intuitively that the events of our lives are not always arbitrary. We feel connected, however intangibly. We know that it is in our higher self-interest to unravel the mysteries in our own lives. There must be a higher purpose and greater meaning. As we become more and more spiritually evolved, we become more determined to find wisdom and reach a deeper understanding of our lives and our paths.

hedy bach images - Montreal- street 2_

hedy bach images - Montreal- street 3_-2

hedy bach images - Montreal- street 1_

hedy bach images - Montreal- street 5_-2

personne, personne
personne, personne

personne n’aime personne
personne ne manque à personne
personne ne pleure personne
pourquoi même en parler?

personne n’a tué personne
personne n’est mort pour personne
personne n’est enfant de personne
pourquoi même en parler?


random streets in Montréal, QC ~ April 2019

  1. want deeper meaning? be kind
    want to feel more connected? be kind
    want to find higher self? be kind
    want more in life? be kind
    a truly beautiful post!
    lovely photos Hedy

    • thank you kindly Eddie…your words feel true to me…kindness is always possible…I appreciate your comments and energy ☺️💫💙

  2. Wonderful pictures Hedy. I love the editing, the darkness of it, the sense of gloom. The portrait of the two men, from below, is great too! The blond guy with the hair and beard of the 17th century explorers roaming the oceans.

    • I had no idea how they popped up right by me…but they seemed to look through me…yes I can see 17th century explorers roaming the oceans…I like stories from that time in history ☺️🤓 thank you Peter for your comments I appreciate them 🙂🙃 have a joyful day!

  3. Moving images Hedy! The introductory text really sets the mood for the photos you’ve included in this post. Incredible use of negative space in photo #3. Love it! Have a great day!

    • Humble thank you Michael…Montréal has those earthy streets…I love it there 🤓 it was a good day and such a busy week…sending you creative vibes…have another creative day 🤓 smiles hedy ☺️

  4. Great pictures. I like the atmosphere.
    J’aime bien les mots.

    • oh me too Alex…thank you for saying…Montréal has atmosphere and a different history/flavour than Alberta…have a delightful day ~ sending you joy ☺️💫

  5. cool street shots but i like numbers 1 and 3 the most!

  6. i love the third one.

  7. These ones have a wonderful feel to them. Love the first one especially – it’s like something out of a Sherlock Holmes movie.

    • yes it does Alison…you know the colours in old Montréal…earthy and rich…I appreciate your comments and thoughtfulness ☺️💫💛 hoping you are having a wonderful day ✌️

  8. I was looking at the news tonight before i read your blog and i had the same reaction has the song personne thanks for sharing Hedy 😊 Have a great day 😊

    • I love RoBERT’s voice…she seemed to fit into my little story…thank you kindly Lub for your comments…wishing you a wonderful day too 🤗☺️💫

  9. what an awesome mood in these images. Great compositions and lights. It seems like you would walk through a stage set auf a severe play. wow, Hedy, impressing!!!

    • Montréal has moody atmosphere…older and some beautiful architecture…yes always a little hedy head narrative you know Markus 🤓☺️ I appreciate your comments very much 🙂🙃🤗

  10. Quelle belles images! Et si personne ne nait, et personne ne meure, c’a indique que tout ce qui se passe est entre c’est deux extreme.

    • like the two ends of a line bent together to make a circle…I have the image in my head… ___________ bend it ⭕️ I’m sure you know
      Sha’Tara what I mean 🤓 merci gentiment pour vos commentaires réfléchis ☺️✌️💛

  11. Again a really fantastic collection of photos.

  12. Love that palette. Wonderful group.

  13. Great post! Love the photos!

  14. That top image is so evocative — perhaps I’m really craving an urban solitude?

    • old Montréal is beautiful…lots of road construction…lots…hoping you get some urban solitude Gregory…thank you kindly for your comments ~ compose a beautiful day ✌️💫 smiles hedy ☺️

  15. Choices – composition, processing – you make the choices so well. As for seeking and trying to unravel the mysteries, not knowing is important, too.

  16. Thanks for the post. Meaning and wisdom tend to elude me lately. 🙁

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