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According to Buddha

Let your mind be as a floating cloud. Let your stillness be as a wooded glen. And sit up straight. You’ll never meet the Buddha with such rounded shoulders.

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if it be your will
if there is a choice
let the rivers fill
let the hills rejoice.


Montreal’s Jewish community ~ Outremont in Montréal, QC~ April 2019

  1. interesting post, good pictures… no one will get to the stage of ultimate realization if they practice anything short of the advise in the words at the opening part of the post

    • Thank you kindly Ihagh G. T. I appreciate your comments…yes that opening quote is ‘sloppy’…I searched Jewish Buddhist…and well I found a site with some humour link Sayings of the Jewish Buddha…normally I quote from ‘real’ Buddhists…and as I’m sure you know Buddhists have a lot to say 🤓☺️💫 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

      • thank you…I’m a Christian but have learnt a great deal from reading Buddhist books that Christians would kick against… have a wonderful week ahead

        • I’m a sloppy buddhist ☺️ I continue to love learning along the way…soon it’s time to curl up with a book…you have a joyful week too ✌️

  2. How interesting. We’ve never seen this side of Montreal. Oh well, something for another visit. I like their hats. Have a great week, Hedy. Cheers

    • that’s the best part of Montréal…lots of diverse cultures and beings and languages…it was a wonderful Saturday walk with my friend…always best to hang with the locals…we walked many miles that day…I loved it…have a happy day Chris ☺️🤓✌️

  3. Intriguing images, Hedy. It appears that you were really in close proximity to these gentlemen. I’m sure that takes courage! Wonderful street photos!

    • just walking down one block…looking…as an outsider 🧐 I’m always curious 🤓…I’m not even sure many of them even noticed me with my little black box 🧐 some of the younger ones…several men seemed hurried or deep in conversation…humans in groups are always a wonder for me 🙂🙃 have a creative day Micheal!

  4. Are you suggesting a new dress code for the Calgary Stampeders? May their mind be as a floating cloud!

    • hmmmm not sure Urban…I don’t know sport talk much 🧐 but I’ve heard rumblings (again) about etown calling the football team Eskimos…anyways today many spring floating clouds I love them ☺️✌️ sending you joy ~ smiles hedy

  5. intrigued by
    this moment
    in passing 🙂

    • yes…that’s all I’ve got moments…being present…I do love urban street life David…and of course reprieve in the woods…that time just after dark 🤓 have an intriguing day ~ many smiles hedy

  6. impressive clothes

  7. I sat up straight after reading your quote 🙂 Great photos, as always, capturing the feel of a Montreal neighborhood perfectly.

    • tee hee…a little humour…but yes posture…thank you Randall for stopping by…trust life’s adventures are treating you well…I love your Peru post ☺️🤓💫 smiles and joy your way ~ smiles hedy

  8. I know Outremont i went to secondary school there thanks for the memory Hedy 😊 Have a beautiful day 😍 🙏 🌟

    • it’s a lovely neighbourhood…I do love Montréal Lub…glad you had a good memory…have a beautiful day too 🌼💛✌️💫

  9. Such interesting images, Hedy! Great post.

  10. Great shots Hedy. I had so much fun photographing the Hassidic jews in Montreal. I’ll publish some one day. Such a unique community.

    • Thank you kindly Alison ☺️ as an outsider I’m always curious about humans in groups…also about what I hear…but I don’t know…look forward to see your photographs…now I just need to get myself to Vancouver 🤓

      I’m attaching this piece…I’m sure you know of it.

  11. Well done once again, Hedy….I like the 5th photo especially….

  12. Wonderful. I can imagine Leonard Cohen here.. In all senses.



    • Humble thank you Thom…I can also imagine Leonard Cohen here…I would have loved to share a lunch with him ☺️I appreciate his work very much 💫✌️ have a musical day ~ smiles hedy

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