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According to Buddha

You are in charge of your own karma, your own life, your own spiritual path, and your own liberation, just as I am in charge of mine.

hedy bach images - green - i

hedy bach images - green - k

hedy bach images - sun - 5

hedy bach images - sun - 1_

hedy bach images - green - c

you know i always liked that empty road
no place to be and miles to go
but miles to go is miles away
hello sunshine, won’t you stay?

just after the dark ~ Terwillegar ParkEdmonton, AB ~ April 2019

  1. Excellent.

  2. Tripping with light: fantastic! (And the song you chose is a new favorite of mine. One of his best in years. I cannot wait to hear the entire album.)

    • it was so beautiful…I love the time just after dark Michael…and yes Bruce Springsteen’s new song touches my heart…I’ve always appreciated his work…but this song I can’t get out of my hedy head 🤓🙃🙂 ps. your photography is powerful Michael…have a a snappy day! smiles hedy 🙂

      • Thank you again. The light in these photos inspires me to post one I took last year in New Zealand. I will post it in the next week or two. Stand by…

  3. Beautiful photos and song, and of course, the Buddha’s words. Happy Sunday, Hedy!

    • thank you Cathy for your comments I appreciate them 🙂🙃☺️💫 hope you’re having lovely travels ~ smiles hedy

  4. always!

  5. Our eyes see what we look at, our mouth speaks our words, our ears hear what
    we listen to, our noses smell what we sniff, and we feel you!
    As you ‘touch’ the hearts of myself and others our minds begin to open
    to a world beyond the senses. Thank you Hedy.

    • Thank you kindly for your teachings Eddie…I appreciate your kindness and comments ☺️✌️💛 hugs hedy ☺️💫

  6. a most excellent paring of buddha and imaging.

  7. Karma and Dharma; it’s sometimes difficult to keep the balance straight.

    • ahhhh indeed I agree Urban…albeit I think we tell ourselves many fairytales 🤓🙂🙃I don’t know 🧐 have a joyful day!

  8. Looks like a great day in the park. Have a great week.

    • it was quiet…I like that very much…yes already into mid week…life is full…and I’m having a good day ~ have some good adventures Terry ☺️💫✌️ smiles hedy 🙂🙃

  9. Well said…

  10. So beautiful Miss Hedy …

  11. Green at last! Great.
    And I totally agree: everyone is responsible for his/her actions/decisions.
    (Too many whiners forget that)

  12. Different paths, different viewpoints. Own your decisions. Wonderful, Hedy, and I love that Springsteen song!

    • Humble thank you Jane appreciate your comments ☺️ yes Springsteen’s song sticks in my hedy head too ✌️ sending you creative joy 💫

  13. artistic!
    happy hearing
    bruce is still
    doing it 🙂

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