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According to Buddha

All the happiness and virtue in this world come from selflessness and generosity, all the sorrow from egotism, selfishness, and greed.

hedy bach images - Ortona - 1

hedy bach images - Ortona - 4

hedy bach images - Ortona - 2

hedy bach images - Ortona - 8

hedy bach images - Ortona - 6

hedy bach images - Ortona - 3

and we stood there.
side by side.
the two of us.
and didn’t speak.


Ortona Armoury Building Rehabilitation Project, Edmonton AB ~ May 2019

  1. What is….775? Obscure references for $500 Hedy.

  2. Intriguing…

    • lovely to know 🤓 arousing one’s curiosity is always a good thing to me ☺️💫 have a fun day Michael ~ smiles hedy 🙂🙃

  3. At one time in my life, I was sure Jim Morrison would save us.
    (don’t ask me from what)

    • 🙂🙃😂 who knows from what 🧐 well I can imagine we could make a list…☺️💫 have a joyous day Eddie ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  4. Two years in the planning phase? If I were rehabbing that building, it would be done by now. You’d have a studio inside. Yeesh. Governments are the same everywhere.

    • it’s sad for the artists who have been here for 30 years…who knows as they were told they have first right to buy in when it’s redone…but we all know that will be financially difficult…we have so many empty spaces in etown…as many projects here…they look better in renderings than living them out…we make a lot of ugly here…sadly…we will be hearing more about cuts to education this week…I don’t belong here anymore…time to move to the left coast ☺️💫🤓 have a snappy day Ray ✌️

      • And, you want me to come there?

        As far as rehabbing goes, you have to do it yourself. You put yourself into a place. That’s where in the art lies. If not, it’s just corporate rebuilding — cheaply — to make as much money as possible.

        May the French countryside?

        • so I could learn more from you about photography and stuff…since I’m stuck here for a while it seems ☺️ and you liked the little villages outside of etown…I thought 🧐 but the French countryside sounds much better…I love the south of France…

          yes it’s a corporate redo…the stairs will taken out so an elevator can be used…all the offices will be the same size…and all white…just the outside shell will remain…sounds ugly…but that comes as no surprise…and you know the artists there have made it their own…apparently there will be a paint party…which I hope to get to at the end of this month…ahhhhhhh a nice white wine and some oysters in France…sounds so lovely…enjoy Ray…have a dreamt day ☺️💫

  5. I enjoyed the musical track. And of course your images!

    • Thank you kindly Shelia…appreciate your comments and yes Ampyx reminded me of how the artists felt when the spoke to politicians who look through them…it is sad for creatives…so this track felt right to me…compose a beautiful day ☺️ smiles hedy 🙂🙃

  6. This is a truly great series Hedy. Very inspriring!

  7. cool pics!!!!

  8. Big ears (-:

  9. Wonderful collection, Hedy. The last image I think is the best here. The cut up man and woman are fantastic.

    • yes that one caught my eye too…I hope to get back there for the last day/night on Friday…have a creative day Rabirius ☺️🙂🙃🙃

  10. A captivating series, Hedy. I love the way you see color, light and intriguing details. The red silhouetted figure had me going back for further study. They all did, really.

  11. really like
    the art!
    i think
    it’s art 🙂

    • it’s an artist residence until the end of this month….then it will renovated but not sure for who at this point in time…yes at least the art has a price 🙂🙃✌️ have a gooder David 💫

  12. And we stood there, side by side as we watch Greed engulf the world…

    • I like Ampyx’s work…yes greed and something else 🧐 have some joyful moments today Brian ~ many smiles hedy 🙂🙃

      • Had Grandbaby home for a coupla hours. Keeps Greed away… 🙂 <3

        • oh that’s the best…I’ve been out of connectivity so late response ☺️ best to be with little humans and critters these days 😉 but for sure grandchildren are delightful and loveable and bring out good feelings…mine’s off for his first over the pond adventure to Portugal with his parents…I’ll see him this Sumer 👏 💛🤗 sending you joy! 💫

          • Joy received. Dankje. 🙂
            And yes grandkids are lovely. Adventure to Portugal? I remember you went there already. What’s your relationship with Portugal?
            Summer… sounds far away but really just around the corner.

          • when I was in early grade school I wrote in a notebook ‘I love Lisboa’…I will go there.’…my teacher wrote why not Paris, London or Amsterdam…so ever since that time I’ve always wanted to go to Portugal…I told my Portuguese friends that story as they wondered why as well…also I’ve. learn more about the dutch 🧐😳🤓 and now I’ve seen a little part of Portugal 2x…and yes it is a comfortable place to me…I feel relaxed and enjoy the people and the spaces…I love Porto…it’s beautiful we have green and its fresh…rhythm I like this time of year very much ☺️💫

          • Interesting how a child’s mind works, isn’t it. Amo a Lisboa… Your teacher must have been surprised. When was the first time you went to Portugal?
            Até Logo, Hedy.

          • 4 years ago…but I think I was there loooong before…in another life 🧐🤓✌️ have a joyful day Brian ✌️

          • And yes, this time of year must be gorgeous. Light, green, life. Enjoy.

          • 6 degrees yesterday and some snow in the province it’s Alberta…land of coats 😂 sunny and warmer today🙂🙃

  13. Brilliant, Hedy. Bringing the weird home, I love it!

    • thank you kindly…I do like this kind of space…I like weird…and I glad you love it…have a weird and wild day…the winds are now howling here blowing away the smoke from the northern fires…really weird light…happiness your way 🙂🙃

      • I do….I may photograph plants and landscapes 90% of the time, but I love this kind of thing too. I’m glad the wind shifted….it seems crazy there was such a big fire so early….I haven’t followed it , maybe because I don’t like to think about what’s coming. It would be very lucky if we didn’t have any smoke or fires this summer. A changing world, and change is fine, but the intensity of fires isn’t.

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