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According to Buddha

Flow and dancing with life and different gears is a good metaphor. So that we have our hands on the steering wheel and we have some choice with attention and intention. So, in meditation, seeing through things, in post meditation, see how things work so you react differently to red and green if it’s a light system. In meditation if you see red, yellow or green, you don’t react differently, because you’re seeing through it as mere imagination, but in post meditation, you know, there’s a driving karma, you react differently based on karma, cause and effect, in the relative world.

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 5

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 3

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 1

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 4

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 8

uummatiga qiggiqqu

ivvi ijinginni kivivunga



Cave and Basin National Historic Site, Banff National Park ~ May 2019

  1. You’ve been out in nature. That is good for the soul. And you got some nice photos also. 😊 Have a wonderful week, Hedy. Cheers

    • indeed Chris…all those big rocks and the mountain atmosphere was good for my soul…albeiit “Banff”…well it’s as my friend says “Banffness”…there are a lot of humans…I was amazed at all of the tourists…but I woke up early before many of them…it was a wonderful week…you have a wonderful week too ~ smiles and joy your way ~ ✌️🙃🙂 cheers hedy

      • The tourists are wonderful for their interest and dollars but they get in the way of our photos. Getting up early is the way to go and even then you get some tourists. An image popped up on my intro screen to windows yesterday. It is a waterfall in Iceland that I’ve beento see. When I went it had a ton of tourist but in the image, there was only a sole hiker. From that and the light, I could tell the image was likely made very early in the day. Cheers!

  2. Excellent patterns and structures.

  3. Beautiful. Each is a meditation in itself.

  4. Could never get enough “Banffness”! Totally beautiful Hedy

    • the terrain is ‘unbelievable’…and I found spaces and times that were perfect…but of course it’s a popular place so by 9am everyday everywhere there were sooooooooooooooo many humans 😳 …I went to girlhood spaces it was totally beautiful and also very warm…24 is very warm in the rocks…it was wow I will do more Banffness…hugs and joy to you Eddie 🙂🤗

  5. so organic

  6. Fascinating forms, Hedy, I’d love to see it in person, too.

  7. wonderful captures and great angles… …irritating and thrilling.. …all that emphasize the beauty of nature. 🙂 smiles to you 🙂 🙂

  8. The melting snow? 🙂
    A good sign.
    Daughter #1, Son-in-law, and grandson are in your neck of the woods. Toronto and Québec for a week’s vacation.
    Have a great Sunday Hedy.

  9. It’s like some abstract pictures. An interesting point of view. Nice photos.

    • yes I went in close…it was so cool and exciting to me…I was seeing many things 🤓🤔😳…it’s another amazing historical place…also changed very much since my girlhood…have a beautiful day Alex 🤗✌️

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