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According to Buddha

You are far from the end of your journey. The way is not the sky, the way is in the heart. See how you love.

hedy bach images - bird feather - 6

hedy bach images - bird feather - 3

hedy bach images - bird feather - 9

hedy bach images - bird feather - 7

hedy bach images - bird feather - 2

love, love is a verb
love is a doing word
feathers on my breath
gentle impulsion
shakes me, makes me lighter
feathers on my breath


taxidermy birds and feathers ~ Royal Alberta Museum ~ June 2019


  1. Beautiful, Hedy.

  2. Beautiful juxtaposition of soft and sharp making compelling rhythms.

  3. This looks like an interesting place to visit. I hope your week is going great. Cheers

    • I think it’s amazing and each time I go I see and learn more…Alberta does have his/herstory…it’s raw…but we’re evolving ☺️🤓 have a joyful day Chris 💫

  4. wonderful colors and lines in your images. 🙂

    • it’s fun to use the mobile…I think I’d like a macro lens…I do love the feathers and the lines and softness…smiles over the pond Markus ☺️🤗💫

  5. cool macros

  6. Fantastic pictures, beautiful

  7. I love the feathers, but it’s hard to look at those little warbler carcasses…

    • warbler carcasses…it’s a curious exhibit to me…I’ve found myself going back to re-photograph them…they are beautiful but eerie…I will read more closely as to the ‘why’…they are a part of Alberta history…I love birds too…I’m hearing them sing now we’ve has a sun shower so beautiful…have a peaceful afternoon Lynn 🌞 ✌️🤗

  8. Feathers… A felicidade é como a pluma que o vento vai levar… (More or less: Happiness is like a feather in the air. Tom Jobim). You most certainly know that song:

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