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Number of ideas to jump-start your imagination

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According to Buddha

From all kinds of flowers,
Seek teachings everywhere,
Like a deer that finds
A quiet place to graze,
Seek seclusion to digest
All you have gathered…

hedy bach images - clover -9

hedy bach images - alberta rose - 1_

hedy bach images - clover -8

hedy bach images - clover -6

hedy bach images - daisy  - 1_.jpg

i watched the sunlight coming near
i knew the day i knew the night
i knew i could regain my sight
and it feels alright
and it feels alright
with my naked eye


wild flowers in early morning fields ~ Etown AB ~ June 2019


  1. Someone got up early. The light just adds more beauty to these, Hedy. Cheers!

    • always…like clock work Chris…I love early early 🤓🤗 it’s quiet and then when I do a mediation in the afternoon it’s almost like I get a second morning 😉😄 have a joyful week…and those afternoons have fun!

  2. Very nice collection. Des.

  3. Lovely images, Hedy. They were just what I needed this morning.

  4. Oh how lovely, Hedy! Just beautiful!

    • Humble thank you Lemony…it’s a beautiful space and lots of flora (weeds) 🤓🙃😉 have a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 💫

  5. insightfully revealing!
    it’s as if
    they were awaiting
    and your arrival
    with camera did not
    let them down 🙂

    • I walk here nearly daily when I’m in Etown…it’s a space within yet outside of the urban life…I do a walking mediation and i’e watched ‘nature’ here with intention since I started using my little black box…and the time just after dark is my favourite…I feel I’m in another world 🌍 thank you for your kindness and thoughts … I appreciate them David ~ thank you 🙏 😊

  6. I waited long enough
    To allow my imagination
    To jumpstart.

  7. Hello Hedy. I needed something just now to put me in a calm mood. Your post has helped a lot. See you —

    Neil Scheinin

  8. beautiful.

  9. Lovely captures Hedy 💛

  10. Beautiful words and photos, Hedy. 🙂

    • Thank you kindly Cathy ☺️💫 I love this time of day 🤓 have a wonderful week been enjoying your travels…

      • Thanks for dropping by mine, Hedy. Are you still in Banff? It’s one of my favorite places in North America. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

        • No just a week…after that the rocks feel daunting and I yearn open endless land 👍 but I love to visit for sure 🤓

  11. Nurture.

    Regards Thom

  12. Beautiful! Love the pics!

  13. Yep, it sure is jumpstarted! Wonderful images Miss Hedy 🙂👏

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