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According to Buddha

In general, people say, ‘We are following Dharma”, and speak of it as a kind of religion created by Buddha Shakyamuni. That is not a correct point of view. Buddha never created any kind of school or religion. Buddha was a totally enlightened being, someone beyond our limited point of view. The teaching of the Buddha is to have presence in that knowledge.

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i got a feeling i just can’t shake
i got a feeling that just won’t go away
you’ve got it, just keep on pushing and, keep on pushing and
push the sky away


Stephen Avenue Galleria Trees + Wonderland ~ Calgary, downtown ~ June 2019

  1. Great captures Hedy, have a nice Sunday!!!🌻🌼

  2. In the first image, I initially thought it was a fire escape. But it’s so much more. A brilliant way to shoot this sculpture, Hedy. Cheers!

    • ☺️ indeed they are daunting installations…in the heart of downtown…always lots to see…and some look away from 😌…I’ve had some outer space thoughts this week…life beyond our sky 🤔🤓 have a fun Sunday Chris 🙃🙂😄

  3. Wonderful photos. Thanks.

  4. The buddha quote is dead on. So are the pictures.

    • yes I agree Ray…been enjoying some readings from Namkhai Norbu 🤓 thanks for saying about my images too ☺️ thank you kindly ✌️

      • Weirdness in the air today. See today’s Storyteller.

        • yup lots of weirdness indeed Ray…I’ll get my tea and go look at more 🙃🙂✌️

          • It only gets worse. It looks like we are getting a hurricane or a heavy tropical storm later this week. That’ll turn our High 90 degree weather into both hot and humid. Sucks.

          • sending you cool vibes from Etown Ray we have 9c and overcast 😝…no storms in sight here…very lush deep green…stay 😎 💫

          • read about flooding…sending you all good things Ray…hope you are your loved ones are all safe ☺️✌️🤗

          • Thank you. There are two-three feet of stormwater in the streets throughout the city. That’s just the little storm. Hurricane Barry will make landfall near Lake Charles (150 miles away) as a Category 1 hurricane, Saturday morning. Combined with this little storm, it will likely overtop the Mississippi River levees which are only a foot below flood stage now. We live slightly above sea level. We never flood. We flooded. The house is fine. The water is up to the porch. The pool overflowed. And, the driveway is under water. Oddly, we haven’t lost power. Yet. At least the air cooled down. 97 yesterday at about this time. 83 right now.

          • wow…sounds ominous Ray…to me…you know 🤓…and of course we’d more likely freeze to death here…stay safe! ☺️

  5. Calgary has some interesting spaces.

    • it does…I prefer the urbanscape to Etown’s for sure…it’s a prettier city…closer to the mountains…it’s still cowtown ☺️🙃🙂 lots of cowboy/girls there this week 😉…it’s a unique place for sure Terry ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  6. 🙂

  7. amazing architecture

    • indeed…I think they are cool installations…easy to wander about…smiles over the pond have a creative week Gavin ☺️💫✌️

  8. These are great, Hedy!…especially in black & white 🙂 The second, in particular, and also the forth evoke thoughts of warped space-time…

    • thank you kindly Mic…yes I removed the blue blue…I appreciate the b/w myself…and thanks for pointing out space time warp ones 🤓 have a creative day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

      • You’re welcome, Hedy. I am always pleased to find some visual manifestation of mathematical ideas that I can photograph..very envious of your warped space-time images! 🙂

        • humble thank you…I’ve looked at the sculpture many times…I like the feeling the artist created…always tough to capture another artists art…I’m inside the head for these 🤓 ave a creative day ~ smiles hedy

  9. What an awesome collection of images. Like an Ice Cream Sundae and the cherry on top is Nick Caves Push The Sky Away. Thanks for your beautiful work!

    • Humble thank you Mobius ☺️ the post just fell to the page…had my head into Nick Cave and seemed to fit together for me…so I’m glad you noted the kind words ~ thank you hedy 🙃🙂✌️

  10. Presence in knowledge – I agree, that is very important.

    Lovely photos. The geometric patterns are quite enticing. Perfect in B/W.

    • thank you kindly for the comments…appreciate them ☺️💫 compose a beautiful day Lignumdraco ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  11. Mind bending shots… very cool. 🙂

  12. Your fantastic pictures made me recall a thought I had long ago. How much influence did Buddha have from the Tao? I’ve never read anything about it.

  13. wonderful play with shapes and lines… …you can make things dance. Impressing.. …like always. 🙂

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