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According to Buddha

Someone who begins to develop an interest in the teachings can tend to distance themselves from the reality of material things, as if the teachings were something completely apart from daily life. Often, at the bottom of all this, there is an attitude of giving up and running away from one’s own problems, with the illusion that one will be able to find something that will miraculously help one to transcend all that. But the teachings are based on the principle of our actual human condition. We have a physical body with all its various limits: each day we have to eat, work, rest, and so on. This is our reality, and we can’t ignore it.

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i’ve been living on the outside
looking in
searchin’ for some kind of answer
i’m forever questioning


an evening walk around downtown ~ Calgary, AB ~ July 2019


  1. You did a beautiful job capturing the human condition, Hedy. Cheers

    • Thank you Chris ☺️ appreciate your comments…hard to walk by…I am not numb to the stories yet often overwhelmed by with ‘what’ the ‘whatness’ of what I can do…and what I don’t do…🤓😔🤔 have fun summer session enjoy your afternoons ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  2. Excellent post!

  3. Wonderful street photos.

  4. All great wisdom must acknowledge reality. Indeed it must be embedded in reality. Only then does it have any hope of eventually transcending reality. Brilliant words, and brilliant photographs.

    • Humble thank you Michael…appreciate your words…and I always question ‘the real’…and when I post images the viewers’ relationship to the “real” is particularly important…so thank you…compose a brilliant day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  5. A wonderful collection Hedy. Raw reality in B&W. I always enjoy your lighting and framing.

  6. Your street photography is amazing, you are able to capture the essence of the streets.

    • Thank you kindly Terry…really it was a start to finish sort of loop…I do love the streets and night life…as I know ‘same same’ but different…perhaps, it’s just my gaze but there are a lot of homeless people in Alberta…we can do better…enjoy the start of your trip…you will also see the beauty of Alberta’s nature and terrain…there is a lot of beauty here too 🤓 smiles hedy

  7. building for sale

    • that is a lot of space for sale…this was once a decadent shoe store…I remember days when I was a girl that there was so many women in there…my mother taught me about shoes and boots 🙄🤓🙃🙂🥾 👢 have a wonderful day Gavin ☺️

  8. There are everyday situations that present themselves without easy solutions.
    We must deal with them the best we can.
    Illustrations perfectly fit the decision!

    • it’s true to me Eddie…and we can always do better my father always told me that…and I like those words ☺️ thank you kindly for saying that about my images too! have a joyous day ~ sunshine 🌞 ☀️ and warmth you way ☺️

  9. close up, moving, tangible… …Hedy, you know how to take touching images! Great work. Smiles 🙂

  10. Wonderful glimpses of city life.

  11. Can’t ignore reality. 🙂 And one cannot stop questioning either. 🙂
    Thank you for your pictures. reminded me of a scene here last week. Every other day there is an open air produce market in the morning. Well organized. Stalls are taken away by 2PM, garbage bins are neatly stacked on a side of the street. the street is washed. Peachy. But then, at 5pm as I was walking down the street I saw 2 little old ladies foraging in the bins for discarded fruit and vegetable. Not homeless. Little old ladies who live in the neighbourhood. And whose pension can’t buy “fresh” produce… (Still in shock)

    • oh Brian I met several women last year in Germany living and experiencing this same narrative…poverty for women in Canada is also high…costly housing is a huge and increasing food prices…I imagine I will need to think about alternative ways to age…but not today…I’m with wee one…so life’s bliss in this moment … smiles and hugs to you and Paris enjoy every moment ☺️🤗💫

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