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According to Buddha

Life is like walking on a tightrope. We are sure to fall if we keep looking back instead of focusing on what is ahead.

hedy bach images - air cloud - 6

hedy bach images - air cloud - 4

hedy bach images - air cloud - 2

hedy bach images - air cloud - 5

hedy bach images - air cloud - 1

jamayo aounnaledé aounana dougouba diadela
jamayo aounaledé aounana mogo gnènadièdela
ko assidya djougou magnidé obèna ni mogo magossadeyè
ali gningoya djougou magnidé obèna ni mogo magossadeyè


bird’s eye of view over the Rockies ~ July 2019


  1. These abstract images are really fantastic, Hedy. I want to come back later and look at them on a larger screen. Have a great day. Cheers

    • well they are smaller images from my iPhone Chris…and I made them there so I’m not sure what they will look like…but they were fun little images to create 🤓 happy summer days so your term will be done…enjoy! 🌞

  2. Looking back keeps you lost in the past.
    ‘Now’ is the moment to harness!
    Beautiful days with peaceful clouds

    • yes it is ‘now’…and yes we all have an expiry date so I want to be in this moment…I love the clouds Eddie…enjoy your garden…smiles and joy your way 🤗🙂🙃☺️

  3. Most wonderful cloudscapes. The impression of the third dimension is so strong that I could go wandering in them.

    • Thank you kindly Michael yes it’s always so wonderful up in the sky…I imagine flying 🤓☺️…or shapeshifting 🙃🙂 have a creative day ~ smiles hedy

  4. I can see a chicken! Great work, Hedy, as always.

  5. That’s amazing. Those cloudscapes are like explosions of feelings.

    • exactly how I felt travelling out to see loved ones…lots of little explosions of emotions 🤓🙂🙃🤗 sending you joy Alex 💫

  6. Most versions of the Irenaean theodicy propose that creation is incomplete, as humans are not yet fully developed, and experiencing evil and suffering is necessary for such development. So it’s a little bit like walking on a tightrope while “people with bad intentions are destroying everything (Hasidiya djougou mendé obena ni mogo magossa dé yé That were quite a bunch of menacing clouds you photographed there.

    • thank you kindly Urban I appreciate your insights and thoughts…yes life is a tightrope at times…and so we send positive intentions and all good things to all humans…imagine! have a joyous day ~ smiles 🙃🙂🤓

  7. Haunting images. And thanks, cryptomathecian for the translation!

    • yes Urban is thoughtful and wise and I appreciate his words ☺️🤓 sending you all good things Sha’Tara💫💙 smiles hedy

  8. wow!! some amazing pics!!!

  9. fun cloud works. I especially like the rooster in the first one. Nice work. Also love Amadou & Mariam. I have all their albums. Great selection.

    • yes I had fun playing and messing with them Mobius ☺️🤓 thank you…and yes Amadou & Mariam are so special…this song was chosen by my grandson 👼 made me smile for many reasons…have a creative day ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  10. Oh Hedy these are mazing!

    • yes I love the trip over the Rockies Alison and now I plan to do it more…it’s also fun to create them to pass the time…I was so excited to get to the West coast…it’s been fun, exhausting and satisfying on so many levels…next visit I’ll make sure we connect…enjoy your day it’s so lovely here 🌞 😎

  11. Amazing clouds.
    And dankje for Amadou and Mariam. Theirs is the music of my African childhood. 🙂

  12. so beautiful.

  13. this is just wow! wonderful art work of mother nature… …and YOU of course. Have a wonderful day. Smiles 🙂

    • well humble thank you Markus ☺️ it was a little fun on the plane going to see family 🤓✌️ sending you joy from the west coast 🌊 💫

  14. Hello Miss Hedy .. you know how much I adore clouds .. my eyes opened wide when I saw your post! Thanks so much for sharing my friend 👏😄

    • I’m happy you enjoy them dear Julie and thank you kindly for your comments ☺️🤗 appreciated sending you joy from my little garden 💚🧚‍♀️🌺

  15. Beautiful. Just recently discussing a $1 million Millennium Prize for anyone who comes up with a proof for why the Navier–Stokes equations work — they’re the (enormously difficult) mathematics of such “turbulence” patterns in fluid dynamics. How it is that order emerges from chaos is among the great unsolved mysteries of physics… but the universe does it seemingly without thought.

  16. Wowee zowee, what fun!

    • it was a iPhone moment…the woman next to me seemed calmer as I edited images…it as a bouncy ride and ppl were a tad fearful…made these flying ☺️🤓 it was fun Lynn 😄

      • When it gets bouncy up there it can really be scary….and yet, there’s so much to see, and I’m sure it’s incredible, going over the mountains….just think, the woman next to you had art therapy by proxy, how’s that? 😉 😉

  17. These are really cool! 😮

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