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According to Buddha

We really ought to have confidence in human beings. Although humans have damaged the environment, we must be confident that humans can also save the Earth. I hope people with the same vision can join together to raise the awareness of environmental protection and save the Earth.

hedy bach images - wild horses - 5

hedy bach images - wild horses - 3

hedy bach images - wild horses - 4

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hedy bach images - wild horses - 1_

horses in my dreams
like waves, like the sea
they pull out of here
they pull, they are free


Wild Horse Tour with Mountain View Photographic Services ~ August 2019



  1. Lovely!

  2. Beautiful images and a heartfelt and very necessary message.

  3. We need to think about this.
    I mean, we NEED to THINK about this.
    Oh, those photos, open spaces, fresh, clean, green!

    • yes it was so green…off the grid…well almost…and yes action is required…sending you smiles and all things green dear Eddie ☺️🙏🌳🌲🌿🍃💚

  4. How neat! They look like ‘normal’ farm horses, totally at ease, but then living in woodlands.

    • well perhaps here now…I think from the stories shared it’s tough life in nature for the horses…this summer has been rainy so they look well feed and shiny…spring is a different story…I hope to out again to see more it was fascinating and the *land* well from what I saw on Forestry Trunk Road…it was just beautiful Peter…and of course now I’m even more curious…have a great day☺️💫 smiles Hedy 😄

  5. Last words: “they are free.” As long as a remnant of Homo Sapiens remains on this world, nothing, absolutely nothing can ever be said to be free. These animals exist in their particular state by permission and sufferance of mankind, at the whim of regulation. They are another form of “zoo” animal, like the bison. Let them begin to gain ground in population and they will be targeted for some “use” as just another “resource.” It is the nature of HS to understand everything as his, to use and abuse at will. Only mankind has the “right” to make rules relating to itself and all other lifeforms, including the planet itself. We could “ask” by simple observation, but “we” will never do that – it would mean admitting we are not at the top of the food chain and that is unadmissible to Earthians. They won’t even – by law!!! – permit their own bodies to return to nature from whence they came and were fed. Even in death, they prefer burning, or burying in boxes to allow decomposing without mixing with hated and feared nature.

    • thank you Sha’Tara…layers of meaning for me…I can see images…and wonders as I learn more along the way 🤓

      targeted for some “use”
      as just another “resource.”
      to use and abuse at will.
      Even in death,
      by law
      decomposing without mixing
      with hated
      and feared nature.


  6. Yes, fully agree, Hedy! Wonderful post, all of it. Have the most wonderful day!!!! :o)

  7. nicely hopeful
    for humans, hedy!
    putting my money
    on the horses 🙂

  8. I like the message to trust in humans. It is a powerful one. It’s insightful to think of these wild horses as having that trust already. To see the potential in ourselves through their eyes–the madness, the technology, the power to Love so profoundly… we are wizards and we don’t know it. We don’t even know what wizarding is. And yet, it is within us, this power to Love. And the horses can’t help but see it, even if they are dashing across the roads we zip up and down without reason or rhyme!

    Lovely images, as ever, Hedy.


    • Thank you kindly dear Michael I always appreciate your thoughtful words and connections…sending you writing vibes…often I’m wordless…have a joyful day ☺️🤗💫

  9. i do like horses

  10. Interesting, and I bet it was a great way to treat yourself. 🙂

    • Well I’m an urban being but yes this was beautiful and a place I’ve never been it was refreshing and rejuvenating…I will return 💚🧚‍♀️🌲🐴💚

  11. Great truth and the horses are amazing love the images. Thanks. Love J

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