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According to Buddha

The beauty of a group lies in the refinement of its individuals.  [The beauty of a group lies upon the assembly of each individual’s ethics practice.]

hedy bach images - Lima man - 1

hedy bach images - Lima man - 3

hedy bach images - Lima man - 2

hedy bach images - Lima man - 5

another dawn, another day, another dollar to be made
i got a pocket in my soul,
where a little rock a little roll assimilate


walk around the block Coliseo Eduardo Dibos, San Borja ~ Lima, Peru, 2019

  1. I’m so awed by people who can take good street photos of people. I love the shoe shiners. Happy summer, Hedy. Peru would be an awesome place to visit. 🙂

    • Thank you kindly Cathy ☺️ I’m a urban woman…some adventures will be here in Lima…I know from you work that you’ve seen a lot of Peru…I’m always in awe with humans that go into the mountains…I’m here since the Parapanamericanos games are on…and my little black box allows me to not be in the gym 🙃🙂🤗 I will have fun.

  2. Oh I love these! Your street photography is so good.

  3. we don’t have shoe people here.

  4. A personal shine is a little splurge, I admit
    They are everywhere in Mexico.
    These men are humble.

  5. It is a wonderful day for a smile

  6. How lucky for you to experience being in Lima. I was there in 1999. We visited a friend of mine lives there but have not heard from her for so long…. I guess there are many still struggling to make even a dollar a day still.

    • yes I’m grateful ☺️ to see a little bit more of Lima Navasolanature 🤓 I know little about Peruvian politics…and of course like all cities there are financial divisions…struggles seem world wide…and yes as an outsider I see poverty…men and women working hard…thank you for your comments…hope you reconnect with your friend here ☺️💫 smiles hedy

      • Enjoy, I loved Peru and the people we met were so friendly and helpful. I was with my daughter’s, aged 9 and 12 then. It was quite an experience.

        • yes Navasola ☺️ people are kind and smiles + talking with hands along with the phone app does work 🤓 smiles hedy 😄 happy writing vibes your way 💫

  7. economic slavery
    of old
    new 🙂

  8. A very interesting “quote” and image pairing, Hedy, really. I like it!

    • right 🤓 it comes from Master Cheng Yen book ‘Jing Si Aphorisms’…I appreciate her work too Lynn 🤓☺️

      • I didn’t know anything about her so thanks for the introduction….reading Wikipedia…wow, what a life! I mixed her name up with Master Sheng Yen, another Taiwanese Buddhist master who is no longer living. I had a friend who studied with him in NYC back in the 80’s. Their practice was tight and strict, and intimidated me at the time. Cheng Yen’s life and practice sound very interesting. The two versions of the quote above reflect the difficulties of translation, I suppose. I like the second version better, even though it has kind of a stiff feeling – I think there is a lot to think about there!

        • Yes the Buddha’s are not short of words 🤓 and I enjoy reading many of them…but I’m sloppy…I try to follow my own inner path…I struggle with “rules” ☺️ and I’ll never follow or fall of the feet of anyone anymore 🤓 have a joyful and creative day Lynn 🤗❣️

          • Well, they do say never to put another head on top of your own… 😉 But there is much wisdom to be had from listening with an open but awake mind, right? 🙂

          • for sure Lynn…I’ve always been drawn to Buddhism…to be awake and be responsible to what I witness and become…it’s all practice 🤓☺️

  9. Good shots. Careful with your camera on the streets though. (I have started taking people pictures. Let’s see where that takes me). Buen fin de semana.

    • I’ve had little adventures on the streets…some encounters but ok it’s good for me to work through some fears too…I look forward to see your posts Brian…I’ll catch up this week once I’m back home…and have some good sleep ☺️☺️🤗tenga un buen día☺️

      • Been in Latin America too long to cherish the thought of adventures or encounters on the street. This is a dangerous continent. But I’m glad it wasn’t too bad.

        • not bad at all Brian 🤓my deceased father words came into my mind…’don’t come home in a box’ 😉☺️🙃🙂I didn’t photograph anti-government protests ✌️but I did meet 2 solo women travellers 💪…yet for me without fluency in Spanish I am often left uncomfortable…which of course I pushes me through some of my hedy head fears…tiny as they maybe☺️I shared a beer with a woman who walked barefoot in the Amazon with another woman for 2 weeks…I just can’t imagine😳driving/traffic was overwhelming Brian🤦‍♀️I only saw a little bit of Lima…much time was in San Isidro and Miraflores…fo course I was curious to venture further but it was not suggested…I’m outsider…ever curious…I was told 1.5 Venezuelans have entered and more each day…I appreciated seeing what I saw and learning along the way ☺️🤓

          • Your father was wise. 🙂 It is more difficult when you don’t know the language. Harder to understand risks. 1.5? million I guess? Yeah. I saw some in December walking the Andes in Colombia to reach Peru. I don’t think Peru is rich enough or at all to… even feed them. There are many problems here too. The world is entering heavy turbulences. Sad.

          • he was with me in spirit☺️…his words also made me have a inside giggle 🤭 and yes I felt the unrest and heard a few local stories…and met many with no work…I don’t know…you know 🥺 but the age of decadence is fading I’m told 🤓

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